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Proizvođač: APART HM25-G
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 11130

HM25-G Metal compression driver horn Usually the words 'industrial' and 'clear-sound' are not compatible with each other, although Apart proves it can! The HM25-G is a very powerful full metal horn loudspeaker with compression driver. Even the inner horn part is made in aluminium, what makes the HM25-G unique!

€ 95

The HM25-G is equipped with a high quality 100 volt transformer with three power taps, including a thermal overload cut-off switch. The Apart technology avoids any overload of your amplifier by controlling the impedance with the unique IMC protection device inside. This circuit controls the speaker's impedance even beyond its nominal frequency range and protects your 100 volt amplifiers from overload.

The double cable glands allow easy wiring and connection of the HM25-G. The housing is totally weatherproof and its supplied.

outside diam. 206 mm depth 266 mm
loudspeaker system compression driver mounting system U-bracket
100V transformer power taps 25 - 20 - 10 watts SPL 1W/1m 103 dB
max SPL 1m 117 dB frequency response 300 - 15 k Hz
main construction material aluminium IP rating 66
applicable low impedance no applicable in 100V yes
Vertical dispersion angle 1000 Hz 180° Net weight product (kg) 1.90

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