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      Vestax VCI 380
      649 €
      799 €


      VCI 380

      THE CONTROLLERIST VCI-380 is a 2 channel DJ controller with a built-in Digital DJ mixer, powerful and creative, opening the door to limitless possibilities of controllerism. Mix, scratch, cue, effect, sample, trigger, loop and slice. Every feature of the VCI-380 is...

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      Gemini PS1
      69 €
      79 €



      Gemini PS1 Professional 2-Channel, 6.5-inch DJ Mixer Good things do come in small packages! The PS1 offers practical features and durable construction in an extremely compact design. This supremely portable 2-channel stereo mixer gives DJs the control they demand at a...

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      Pioneer RMX 1000


      RMX 1000

      RMX 1000 Remix Station DJ effect of the year: 2012by musicradar.com Scene FX allows users to choose 5 build up or break down effects Isolate FX focuses on HI/LOW/MID frequency bands X-Pad FX enables users to develop and add new sounds Release FX lever: re-set and...

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      Road Ready BGMS
      49 €
      60 €

      Road Ready


      SMALL MIXER / UTILITY BAG, INT.DIM. 12.5"X11.5"X3.25" • Outer flap pocket with hidden storage for documents and magazines• Industrial zippers and rugged metal hardware• Textured skid proof bottom• Tough water repellent nylon fabric• Padded interior, pockets and shoulder...

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      Road Ready RRCDJDNS10W
      269 €
      299 €

      Road Ready


      10\" MIXER CASE WITH WHEELS FOR PIONEER CDJ200/CDJ350/DJM400/DJM909, DENON DNS1000 AND MORE Description:The ultimate protection for your gear, the RRCDJDNS10W is a real heavy hitter. Built to take on the streets the RRCDJDNS10W is especially designed to hold two...

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      Road Ready RRNIVMS4
      129 €
      148 €

      Road Ready


      Case for Native Instruments S4 or American Audio VMS4 Built tough to house Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 and American Audio VMS4, this rugged case features beefy stackable ball corners, industrial grade hardware, latches and a front access panel for easy...

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      DENON DN HP1000
      179 €
      199 €


      DN HP1000

        The DN-HP1000 features an impeccably clean vibrant sound that will withstand the demands of high volume, while maintaining its sonic characteristics. We did not forget about comfort, style and reliability either. Soft padded ear cups able to swivel a full 180...

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      Eks XP10 Digital DJ Player
      99 €
      149 €


      XP10 Digital DJ Player

      Vinyl Emulation The XP10 features a 4 1/2" high precision wheel for pitch bending, cueing and scratching. The wheel is also used for track selection and realtime adjustment of the loop in/out points.The touch sensitive aluminium top of the wheel functions just like a...

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      ESI UDJ6
      79 €
      97 €



      UDJ6 is a new professional level 24-bit USB audio interface featuring 6 totally independent output channels. Two stereo outputs (channels 3 to 6) are provided with RCA connectors on one side of the small and compact bus-powered interface, in its stylish aluminium...

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      Native Instruments Traktor Scratch A6
      299 €

      Native Instruments

      Traktor Scratch A6

      DIGITAL HEART. VINYL SOUL. Ready-to-roll package combines a 6-channel premium audio interface, flagship TRAKTOR PRO 2 software, and TRAKTOR SCRATCH timecode media. 6 ins/outs and 24-bit Cirrus Logic converters Flagship TRAKTOR software with Remix Decks Powerful...

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