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TASCAM RC-SS150 Remote

TASCAM RC-SS150 Remote

Proizvođač: TASCAM RC-SS150 Remote
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 70026

Remote for SS-R250R and SS-CDR250N


  • Twelve flash play buttons trigger recordings on the SS-R250N or SS-CDR250N
  • Play and pause buttons
  • Color LCD with brightness control
  • Color display shows file name, time count, level meter, and other operational info
  • Eight pages of sounds can be stored, for a total of 96 available tracks
  • Buttons designed for minimal clicking noise
  • Rugged housing design for long professional use
  • Power supplied from the SS-R250N/CDR250N unit
  • Connects via RS-232C 

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