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CASIO AP 460 White

CASIO AP 460 White

Proizvođač: CASIO AP 460 White
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 11666
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The Casio AP-460 is one of the most comprehensive digital pianos from Casio's Celviano series. It's quite similar to the Privia PX-860, but has a larger cabinet. As such, you'd easily mistake it for an acoustic piano - a look that matches its natural sound and comfortable keyboard. The latter - an accurate Tri-sensor sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II - consists of keys that feel like genuine ebony and ivory and have the same hammer-like response as a grand piano. Meanwhile, an Acoustic and intelligent Resonator (AiR) sound source ensures realistic sound, aided by features like String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Key Off Resonance, a Lid Simulator and a Hall Simulator. For a complete piano experience, the AP-460 comes with a stand and three pedals.

999 € € 783

Brand new Concert Play allows you to perform with orchestral accompaniment

A fantastic innovation from Casio that will no doubt be well received among those of you who appreciate timeless classical pieces. Concert Play features a library of 10 popular songs including Polovetzian Dance, Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude, Je Te Veux and more that have been recorded by a professional orchestra as backing tracks. This feature even includes a lesson function, which lets you thoroughly learn both left and right hand parts for a stunning, multi-dimensional performance. 

Casio’s Hammer Action Keyboard II

Every key on the outstanding Casio AP-460 is carefully weighted and equipped with 3 intuitive sensors that pick up and immaculately replicate your expression for a powerful performance. The keyboard is also gradually weighted with simulated Ebony and Ivory finish, just like a grand piano and finished off with a textured matte feel to ensure your fingers don’t slip during important performances.

AiR Sound Source and Lid Simulator

Casio’s esteemed Air Sound Source is one of the key components of the incredible sound of this piano. Combined with digitally sampled stereo piano tones and key off simulator, the piano creates a rich, resonant, accurate sound that is pure and well-rounded in low or high volumes, during staccato or legato from the first moment your fingers touch the keyboard to the moment you let go. In addition, the AP-460 has a lid simulator that lets you lift and adjust the lid on this piano, a feature that is usually found in acoustic pianos. This lets you further control and expand the sound of your instrument.

Two headphones sockets and duet function makes it perfect for teaching

The Casio AP-460 Digital Piano is no doubt, an excellent choice for students and teachers alike. The two headphone sockets not only let you practice without making a sound, it is also great for two people to listen and play at the same time. The duet function lets you split the keyboard in two parts, allowing for a better teaching experience and performing as a duo. 

Powerful digital features encompassed in a classic black cabinet

A digital piano definitely has some upper hand over an acoustic instrument because of the fabulous creative opportunities it has to offer. The Casio AP-460 will certainly live up to your expectations with 18 quality samples tones, layer and split function and digital effects for you to create the best possible sound for you. It also has a handy 2 track, 1 song recorder for you to record your ideas or practices right away. You can take it even further by connecting your digital piano to a computer via MIDI or USB for recordings and MIDI communication. Additionally, you can also adjust the touch sensitivity and string resonance, which is perfect for you to achieve the most comfortable feel and appropriate resonance for the room you are in.

AP-460 : recording, practising and other instruments

Would you like to play back your own performance for evaluation? The AP-460  is equipped with a built-in audio recorder that lets you do just that. Connect a USB stick and you're able to make up to 99 recordings in WAV format. It's even possible to have the piano play back WAV files. This digital piano features a Music Library that offers 60 compositions (including sheet music). To allow for easy practice sessions, you can switch the left or right-hand part off. As a bonus, there are also ten piano pieces that come with complete orchestral backing. With regards to sound, the AP-460  offers a choice of 18 different tones and instruments - including several classic grands, jazzy organs, funky electric pianos and a pipe organ - so there's plenty to explore.

Sound and playing experience

To precisely register the force of your key strokes, the AP-460  is equipped with a tri-sensor mechanism. Quick repeats are accurately reproduced and this Casio is even capable of simulating the tiny differences in timing that occur due to different playing styles and keys. To make the sound really authentic, factors like attack, sustain and decay have been taken into account, and you can clearly hear the difference in timbre between softly played passages and more vehement parts. Damper Resonance effectively simulates the rich resonance that's audible when you press down a sustain pedal, while the equally impressive String Resonance reproduces the sound of strings resonating along with a lower note. Finally, it's possible to influence the overall timbre of the Celviano AP-460  by opening the lid that covers the speakers.


Product features

  • Number accompaniment stylesnone
  • Number of keys88
  • Weight41 - 45 kg
  • Includes pedalsyes, 3
  • Built-in amplifier2x 20 W
  • Colour housingblack
  • Lyrics/score displayno
  • MIDI I/OUSB in / out
  • Piano modelupright piano
  • Polyphony (max.)256
  • Sequencer / recorderyes
  • Type of displaynone
  • Keyboard typehammer action
  • Vocal harmonyno

Power adapterungrounded flat Europlug

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging)45.0 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging)149.0 x 58.0 x 55.0 cm
  • digital piano
  • colour: white wood tone
  • keyboard:
  • 88 keys
  • Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
  • ebony and ivory-style keys
  • velocity-sensitive, 3 levels/off
  • sound source: Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR
  • maximum polyphony: 256 voices
  • String Resonance
  • Key Off Simulator
  • Damper Resonance
  • Hall Simulator
  • Lid Simulator
  • built-in sounds (18):
  • grand piano (5)
  • electric piano (4)
  • harpsichord
  • vibraphone
  • strings (2)
  • pipe organ
  • jazz organ
  • electric organ (2)
  • bass (Lower)
  • layer and split functions
  • effects: Hall Simulator, Chorus, Brilliance, DSP
  • songs:
  • 10 (Concert Play), sheet music included
  • 60 (Music Library)
  • expansion: 10 (up to 90 kB per song)
  • lesson function (right hand/left hand)
  • metronome
  • MIDI recorder (1 song, 2 tracks)
  • audio recorder (99, approx. 25 minutes per song, 44.1 kHz WAV)
  • Grand Piano buttons (Concert, Modern) Elec Piano button
  • duet function
  • retractable piano lid
  • panel lock
  • auto power off
  • transpose: semitone (+/- 12), octave (+/- 2)
  • tuning control: A4 = 415.5 - 444.0 - 465.9 Hz
  • 3 pedals: sustain (continuous), soft, sostenuto
  • speakers: 2x 12 cm + 2x 5 cm
  • power: 20 W + 20 W
  • connectors:
  • headphone output (2x): 6.3mm stereo jack
  • USB (type A) (for USB memory)
  • USB (type B), for MIDI (cable not included)
  • line out (L/mono, R): 2x 6.3mm mono jack
  • power (24 V DC) (AD-E24250LW adapter included)
  • included:
  • stand
  • 3 pedals
  • power adapter
  • music book
  • sheet music stand
  • headphone hook
  • dimensions (closed, sheet music stand not included): 1,377 x 427 x 840 mm



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