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MARANTZ & KEF PM 6006 & Q300 x2

MARANTZ & KEF PM 6006 & Q300 x2

Proizvođač: MARANTZ & KEF PM 6006 & Q300 x2
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 85777

Marantz PM 6006 & Kef Q300 x2

€ 949


Marantz PM 6006

Following on from a long line of award-winning amplifiers, the Marantz PM6006 just keeps getting better. Sound quality that's ahead of the field Just like its predecessors, the Marantz PM6006 puts sound quality first. Usually the preserve of more expensive amplifiers, the PM6006 benefits from separate pre and power amp sections. Constructed from discrete components rather than the more usual integrated circuits, this gives the PM6006 an uncommon clarity and level of detail. Its toroidal power supply and large capacitors keep a tight control on speakers and gives music a generous sense of scale; far larger than you might expect from a 45W amplifier.

KEF Q300

The multiple award-winning Q Series has always exemplified KEF’s conviction that new materials and technologies can, when applied with intelligence and imagination, reproduce recordings so perfectly that they sound indistinguishable from the live event. This is more true now than ever before. As the latest expression of this design philosophy, the new range immerses you in three-dimensional imagery of a richness and clarity that until now has been the exclusive preserve of speakers costing many times more.

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