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ONKYO & WHARFEDALE TX 8020 & Vardus 400

ONKYO & WHARFEDALE TX 8020 & Vardus 400

Proizvođač: ONKYO & WHARFEDALE TX 8020 & Vardus 400
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Onkyo TX 8020 & Wharfedale Vardus 400

€ 449

Onkyo TX 8020

TX-8020 Stereo Receiver A Simple, Sweet-Sounding Hi-Fi Solution Key Features Discrete Amplifier Design with Quality Parts High-Current, Low-Impedance Drive Wide Selection of Audio Inputs High-Quality A/B Speaker Terminals Remote Interactive Makes System Control Easy If you’re looking to get the best possible two-channel audio performance on a limited budget—and something versatile enough to power audio from your TV, Blu-ray player, personal computer, and CD player via digital or analog inputs—then the TX-8020 Stereo Receiver is for you. Onkyo’s WRAT serves up more than enough pure analog power to drive most compact bookshelf and floorstanding speakers.

Wharfedale Vardus 400

The Vardus offers serious sound pressure levels from even small amplifiers or systems and are capable of producing 90db at a distance of 1 meter for 1 watt of music power. Combine this with total tonal matching and you have the recipe for a highly competitive AV system.

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