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Klasični LED Efekti

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      Acme RGB Astro
      69 €


      RGB Astro

      Astro is an innovative LED star ball with compact plastic housing, delivering 34 razor sharp powerful beams Project light beams on the wall just like a mirror ball effect Auto rotating ( 10 rpm ) when the power is on. Advanced LED technology, creating very discharge...

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      LiteQuest GVUE
      99 €
      149 €



      LED GVUE *Creates multi sharp color beams wide enough coverage *4 operational modes: DMX-512, Master/Slave,AUTO or Sound activated *DMX-controlled operation or stand alone operation with master/Slave-function *7 channels DMX-512 led mushroom *Individual...

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      99 €
      129 €



      LED BOXER // Klasicni LED Efekat Weight: 4.3kgs Size:29.5×28×28cm Power input: AC 120V/240V, 60Hz/50Hz Wattage: 60W LEDS: 192PCS RGB (72 R, 48 G, 48 B) Beam angle: 15degree 3PIN female XLR socket and 3PIN male XLR socket Built-in microphone Led display and IR...

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      INVISION ImpossibLED
      139 €



      In the past, LED lighting effects would only be used to project on walls. That is all about to change with the ImpossibLED. The unit is switchable between 10 and 4 DMX channels and creates spectacular firework-like projections. Individual control of each RGB colour,...

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      JBSystems LED UV GUN 60W
      399 €


      LED UV GUN 60W

      LED UV-GUN 60W product image LED UV-GUN 60W product image LED UV-GUN 60W A reliable 60Watt "COB" LED-based black light with the same output as the traditional UV400 Black light but with many advantages! DMX control via 2channels: dimming + strobe channel IR-remote...

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      ADJ Aggressor Hex LED
      119 €
      149 €


      Aggressor Hex LED

      The Aggressor is one of the most popular effects in the history of ADJ Lighting. ADJ is taking the Aggressor HEX LED to the next level powered by two 12-watt “6-IN-1” HEX LED technology. The ADJ HEX LED uses six colors built into one LED (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Amber &...

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      JBSystems LED DIAMOND
      97 €
      107 €



      A very compact, DMX-controlled, LED effect The 80 lenses project tons of sharp, colored beams over 360 degrees! Dynamic internal programs for wonderful shows 0-100% dimming and ultra fast strobe function Based on 6 powerful 3Watt LEDs (2 red + 2 green + 2 blue)...

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      JBSystems LED RAVE
      139 €
      173 €


      LED RAVE

      Incredible LED based multi color gobo flower! Based on 10WATT white LED technology: Very low power consumption (money saving!) Extremely brilliant colors compared to units with halogen lamps No lamp replacements! Virtually no heat production Lightweight (no...

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      179 €



      Using the latest LED Technology and a superior optical system this LED Tango produces sharp red, green and blue beams of light. Two mirrors are added to shower the room in vivid colours. A lightshow like this can not be produced with traditional halogen lamps....

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      JBSystems LED Waterwave
      109 €
      149 €


      LED Waterwave

      LED Waterwave combines the latest LED technology and excellent optics to project very realistic water waves in ever changing colors. Based on 10WATT “CREE” LED technology: - Very low power consumption (money saving!) - Extremely brilliant colors compared to units...

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