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Proizvođač: KURZWEIL M130
Dostupnost: Nema na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 45632

Elegance does not allow buttons For many years the pianists who were looking for an electronic piano with sounds more like an acoustic piano suffered from the fact that all models in the market had many buttons to access their functions, now this model...

€ 699

Hammer Action Keyboard

M130 Keys 88 note, fully-weighted, hammer-action keyboard.

20 Inspiring Factory Presets

M130 presets The M130 features a variety of acoustic/electric pianos, organ, guitar and string instruments.

Reverb and Chorus Effects

M130-fx Enhance the depth and expression of your performance with separate reverb and chorus effects.

Connect a Music Player and a Mic

M130 UI Connect an MP3/CD player and a microphone* to the M130 inputs. Play and sing along with your favorite music! 

(*sold separately)

50 Demo Songs

M130 demos The M30 offers a wide array of built-in demos ranging from piano etudes to masterpieces.

Modern Cabinet Design

M130 cabinet Spinet-stye cabinet available in a simulated rosewood finish, featuring a 40 Watt, 2-speaker, stereo sound system, built-in music stand and slide-out fallboard.

Built-In Pedals

M130 pedals Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft Pedals standard.

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