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Models of INVISION grows and expands: new model, created a series of favorite devices. Growing and the company's market position of laser devices. Model INVISION SKYWALKER PROPHECY apply for the leader and the leader in its sector.

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     * Thermostable laser diode
     * High-speed galvanometer scanner (15-40KHz)
     * 80 animated graphics show
     * More than 100 beam show

     * Auto Sound, DMX control
     * Saturated colors
     * Key lock food
     * Radiation, text, picture show
     * Source: 300mW-450nm-B, 15KHz Scanner


Models of INVISION grows and expands: new model, created a series of favorite devices. Growing and the company's market position of laser devices. Model INVISION SKYWALKER PROPHECY apply for the leader and the leader in its sector.

Distinctive and recognizable design. High power and excellent animation and laser effects. In an effort to please his audience ofdevelopers have created INVISION SKYWALKER PROPHECY. Clean and bright color rendition, nice range. Many clubs havegot laser INVISION SKYWALKER PROPHECY. Compact and lightweight.

This lets you quickly install and dismantle it. If you want to buy a INVISION SKYWALKER PROPHECY

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