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      Klipsch C2 Synergy Center
      129 €
      169 €


      C2 Synergy Center

      C-2 Synergy Center (BLACK)This sonically and aesthetically appealing model has everything a high-performance center channel requires and then some. It provides the fidelity, clarity and power audiences need to transform ordinary living rooms into dynamic theater spaces....

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      Klipsch R 24F Floorstanding Speaker
      279 €


      R 24F Floorstanding Speaker

      The R-24F floorstanding speaker is able to fill a small to medium sized room with unparralled sound. This smaller cabinet houses dual copper woofers and a horn-loaded tweeter to deliver outstanding performance without using much floor space.

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      Klipsch S1
      129 €
      165 €



      The Synergy Series S-1 surround speaker is the smallest of its kind to utilize Klipsch's exclusive Wide Dispersion Surround Technology™ (WDST), which ensures a dynamic, enveloping surround experience and precise localization throughout a room.

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      Tannoy Revolution DC6 SE Espresso
      299 €
      415 €


      Revolution DC6 SE Espresso

      When Tannoy brought out a ‘Special Edition’ of its DC6T floor-standing speaker, we worried that it would merely be a blinged-up version of a much-loved product. But the Tannoy DC6T SE was a great speaker, and went on to win an Award last year. And this year. Now the...

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      Tannoy Revolution DC6 T Espresso
      429 €
      569 €


      Revolution DC6 T Espresso

      For those looking for the clarity and articulation of the Revolution DC6 and have the space for a floorstanding loudspeaker, the Revolution DC6T delivers a dynamic, full-range performance. Based on the same high specification 150 mm (6.00”) Dual Concentric driver, the...

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      Tannoy Revolution DC6 T SE  Espresso
      499 €
      699 €


      Revolution DC6 T SE Espresso

      Further refining the Revolution DC6T’s dynamic blend of design and performance, the DC6T SE takes the Revolution design concept a stage further. Using the very latest technology, Tannoy has improved on the award-winning sound to deliver even more articulation and drama. A...

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      Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 + Diamond 10.0 Stand
      169 €
      221 €


      Diamond 10.0 + Diamond 10.0...

      Ovaj set sadrži dva Diamond 10.0 Bookshelf zvučnika i Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 postolja za te zvučnike.

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    8. Na lageru

      APart CMAR5T-W
      88 €



      The CMAR5T marine speaker will bring high quality sound, even in the most difficult humid places. In these humid environments the selection of speaker components is limited to just a few, mostly not the best in audiophile performance. However we achieved to solve the...

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      HECO VICTA PRIME SUB 251 / Ebony Black
      286 €


      VICTA PRIME SUB 251 / Ebony...

      VICTA II SUB 251 / Ebony Black The Heco Victa Sub 25 A is one subwoofer that you should take into account when thinking of a serious bass machine but being more or less on a budget. It will provide serious bass to meet the requirements of a small or medium living room...

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    10. Na lageru

      KEF  C7
      259 €
      299 €



      If you’re serious about sound, you’ll find the C7 an endlessly gratifying companion. With KEF’s phenomenal 19mm (0.75in.) tweeter and ‘tangerine’ waveguide complemented by a pair of large 165mm (6.5in.) bass drivers, an intricate and disarmingly naturalistic three...

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