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Proizvođač: FBT MUSE 118FSA/FSCA
Dostupnost: Nema na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 65964

The Muse 118FSA is a true reversible flyable subwoofer. Designed and manufactured by FBT’s renowned engineers and artisans, the Muse 118FSA is a prime example of audio perfection with ergonomic innovations.

3644 € € 2699

The Muse 118FSA is a hybrid loaded 18’’ neodymium subwoofer designed to suspend from the Muse flybar either facing forward or rearward.  When flown facing rearward, the sub’s user removable grille can be moved by the user to the new “front” of the enclosure and the amplifier module can be moved to the new ‘rear’ of the enclosure, thus obtaining aesthetic consistency when flown with additional forward facing Muse 118FSA’s.  Thus, when creating a cardioid sub package, no additional hardware is needed to easily achieve sleek visual continuity. The model MUSE 118FSCA is already factory preconfigured as rear facing for cardioid applications


Configuration: 1 HYBRID BANDPASS way
Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 1200 W RMS
Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF: 2400 W
Frequency response: 33Hz-100Hz -6dB
Low Frequency woofer: 1X18 - 3.5 coil - neodymium inch
Maximum SPL cont/peak: 135/139 half-space dB
Dispersion: Omnidirectional HxV
Input impedance: 22 Kohm
Crossover Frequency: preset dependant KHz
AC Power requirements: 640 VA
Input connector: XLR with loop
Power cord: 5/ 16.4 m/ft
Net Dimension (WxHxD): 652x500x750 / 25.66x19.68x29.52 mm/inch
Net Weight: 67/147.70 kg/lb
Transport Dimension (WxHxD): 700x650x800 / 27.55x25.59x31.49 mm/inch
Transport Weight: 77/169.75 Kg/lb

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