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Proizvođač: ESI mikroTHRU
Dostupnost: Uskoro na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 61068
Prikazana cena je za komad.


mikroTHRU is a convenient and small MIDI Thru-Box accessory. It features a single MIDI input on one side and 4 MIDI outputs on the other side.

mikroTHRU sends all MIDI input signals from the MIDI input to every MIDI output on the other side. This makes it the perfect solution if you need to send MIDI signals from one device (i.e. a master keyboard or a controller to multiple devices (like a computer for recording and a sound module) at the same time.

mikroTHRU comes with a 9V DC power supply. It also features signal status LED that shows signal activity for the MIDI input. The product is so simple to use, it is virtually self-explaining!


  • MIDI Thru-Box with 1 MIDI input and 4 MIDI outputs
  • 1 MIDI input with DIN connector, 16 input channels
  • 4 MIDI outputs with DIN connectors, 16 output channels each
  • status LED showing incoming MIDI signal activity
  • 9V DC power supply (external power supply unit included)
  • compact aluminium case with around 10.5cm x 7.0cm x 2.5cm




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