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FOSTEX & TASCAM Mikro Studio

FOSTEX & TASCAM Mikro Studio

Proizvođač: FOSTEX & TASCAM Mikro Studio
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 456654

Ozbiljan sonični kapacitet u mikro pakovanju! Fostex PM0.4 & Tascam iXR

€ 359

Idealan spoj za manji prostor i ljubitelje "near field" monitoringa.

Fostex PM0.4

PM0.4c are active speakers with high efficiency, high-quality sound. You can enjoy music with PM0.4c in various situations such as DTM, DJ, listening to PC audio, watching TV and listening to portable audio players. 


Tascam iXR

The iXR is a very portable audio MIDI interface that can be connected directly to an iPad with the lightning cable that usually comes with an iOS device. The great thing about an iPad is how easy it is to take anywhere. The iXR adopts this concept and offers possibilities for new styles of music creation.The slim design without sharp edges or protuberances and the use of rolled aluminium lead to a tough body that can withstand being banged around when carried. The jacks on the front are protected by guards, while the jacks on the back are recessed in the surface, so you can carry this unit without worrying about damaging the jacks and other parts.

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