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FBT HiMaxX 60a

FBT HiMaxX 60a

Proizvođač: FBT HiMaxX 60a
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 3717
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PROCESSED ACTIVE SPEAKER 1100W + 250W RMS - 135DB SPL With the new HiMaxX series, FBT establishes a reference point on the scenario of 12” and 15” enclosures in polypropylene for sound reinforcement, introducing performance and technical content of a standard unthinkable up until now. FBT HiMaxX takes its place alongside the FBTMaxX series, exalting all the technical features. 

€ 1490

The study of a new cabinet in polypropylene, the use of a switch mode power supply and high efficiency power amplifiers and the redesign of the loudspeakers were the activities of the FBT R&D team aimed at maximizing the power weight ratio.

This series comprises three models; two 2-way full-range enclosures in polypropylene, HiMaxX 40 (12”+1”) and HiMaxX 60 (15’’+1.4”), plus a compact  18’’ bandpass SUB in birch plywood (HiMaxX 100Sa).

Compact and light weight, HiMaxX brilliantly solve all the most demanding requests from buffs, musicians and professionals looking for powerful, versatile and very high quality loudspeaker enclosures. Ideal for live and sound reinforcement applications requiring ease of transport, they are also suited to fixed installations, thanks to the cabinets’ format and optional accessories. 

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