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Proizvođač: MARTIN WISMAN MVA 2000MA
Dostupnost: Nema na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 50812
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Martin Wisman // MVA 2000MA - Head Management and Control Unit of the Voice Alarm & Evacuation (EVAC)SystemCentralni uredjaj evakuacijskog sistema


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Martin Wisman // MVA 2000MA - Head Management and Control Unit of the Voice Alarm & Evacuation (EVAC)System
Centralni uredjaj evakuacijskog sistema

MVA-2000MA is the head management and control unit of the Voice Alarm & Evacuation (EVAC) System. It is a modular design to ensure a simpler & flexible configuration, each modular is 4 zones, and max could be expanded to 64 zones. The EVAC system is fully automatic operation includes: auto zone status supervision, auto equipment (All equipments include controller, amplifier, microphone & loudspeaker) management & status supervision & failure visual/vocal indication and automatic trigger & operation & control. The system integrates EVAC system together with Public Address (PA) system of additional features: weekly timer, PC audio source broadcast. System management and supervision could be conveniently completed through the touch screen, higher level operation and setting could be fulfilled through the PC or LAN.


Basic Functions


1. Built-in 4 priority levels of EVAC message modular (EVAC, Alert, Clear & Test), built-in 4 program Mp3 player, memory up to 256 messages, while the program has full control over zone, time, source number and play modes.

2. Fire alarm zone and speaker zone auto loop supervision, auto control & auto history record. Pre-set voice alarm program will be automatically activated and processed once fire alarm signal is detected.

3. Multiple alarm modes: all zone, group zone, neighborhood zone and individual zone voice alarm.Dedicated voice message & play modes could be programmed control.

4. 2 aux inputs and 1 program PC line input.

5. Fire alarm zone & speaker zone status could be obtained through LCD, software and distinctive three colorful zone indicator, this design is fully accordance with EN54-16 standard.

6. One fireman control panel and 9 remote zone paging mic (Fireman and business remote zone paging mic both) could be connected to this voice alarm control through CAT 5 cable by RJ45 connector.Communication distance could be more than 1kms by adopted balanced voice transmission technology.

7. 8 program voice message trigger through short-circuit dry contact or through PC software set up,by this way, dedicated voice message will be distributed to the dedicated zone by program control,moreover external power supply is also could be programmed.

8. Auto inquiry over amplifier status,charger status and remote control equipments (fireman control panel, remote paging mic) status and auto process/record. Visual reminding through LED flashing and vocal reminding through buzzer will be enabled whenever failure is detected.

9. Mini zone configuration is 4 and max is 64, separate zone output volume control from 0-31dB. Default speaker cable is A class, while the 3 wire system which featured auto forced fire alarm zone output is also support.

10. System configuration and set up through software installed in PC could provide overall control over this voice alarm controller. The software and the voice alarm status are auto synchronous. Parameter setting, program edit, control over fireman control panel and remote paging mic could be enabled once administrator is given access.




* Design and manufactured accordance with EN54-16 standard, Modular design of flexible zone configuration, Each modular is 4 zones and max expansion to 64 zones

* End-user defined zone reference name for intuitionistic operation

* Integration of EVAC & PA system into one system

* 22 inputs distributed into 64 zones outputs

* 22 inputs include: 4 EVAC message modular by SD card (EVAC, Alert, Clear & Test),4 program Mp3 modular by SD & USB, 2 aux inputs, 1 program PC line input,9 business remote zone paging mic or fireman remote zone paging mic inputs,built-in emergency mic & 1 fireman control panel input.

* Separate volume control for each zone

* LAN port for software control or PC remote control

* Up to 1000 failure records memory

* 9 remote paging mic for 1kms communication distance




MVA 2000MA

AC Power Supply

85V AC ~ 260V, 50/60Hz, <10A

DC Power Supply

24V DC, ±20%, <2A

Line Input



<1%, 1KHz

Frequency Response






S/N ratio


Emergency Mic






Operation Temp

+5 ~ +40

Storage Temp

-20~ +70

Relative Temp



484 x 450 x 176 mm (19", 4U)


About 24Kg


19"rack mount or tabletop







1AC power supply input for 220-240V, 50-60Hz

2DC power supply input for battery charger MVA 2000BC or UPS

364 zones fire alarm inputs

44 program source player by both USB and SD

5Aux input1

6Aux input2

7Short-circuit cctivation signal input

8External fire alarm reset trigger

9Remote paging mic inputs

10EVAC system amplifier and MVA 2000BC on-line interface

11LAN RJ45 input

12Fireman control panel input, connection through straight CAT5 cable up to 1kms.

13Audio Data RJ45 ports for amplifier

14PC program line input whether by mic or audio source.

15Fault dry contact output to link with the third party system

16The dry contact output to link with the third party system under EVAC fire alarm system,dry contact closed when system resets.

17External program audio source player power sockets

18AC power switch

19Earth line

20Reserved system upgrade port

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