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Why get tangled up with the projector the next time you have to make an
important presentation, when you can instead go wireless with WMS
100 Image, the total solution for your mobile presentation needs. WMS
100 Image uses 802.11 a/b/g standard Wi-Fi technology incorporated
into a hardware receiver and Presto! WMS 2.5 sending software to allow
presenters to wirelessly connect their Wi-Fi enabled notebooks or PCs
to almost any projector using VGA or XVGA. No more swapping the
VGA cable between you and the next presenter as you will have greater
broadcasting control - just by getting rid of the wires!

Broadcasting your presentation has never been this mobile Integrated with NewSoft's most advanced wireless AV technology, WMS 100 Image implements the latest Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g standard to provide users with the freedom to broadcast screen-captured images from any Wi-Fi enabled PC or notebook, to a VGA (640x480) /XVGA (1024x768) projector incorporating hardware Wi-Fi receiver adapters or to multiple WMS 100 Image devices. A Cost-efficient Architecture Ideal for enterprise users' corporate presentations and educators presenting to large audiences, WMS 100 Image gets the most out existing presentation and network tools. Meeting participants can receive content from the presenter, take notes and check related data all on the same notebook or PC, all at the same time. Utilizing a wireless LAN transmission, WMS 100 Image's "one-to-many" wireless transmission capability allows users to receive content on their own PCs or notebooks from anywhere in the conference room or lecture hall. Send your data seamlessly WMS 100 Image, which features a seamless hardware-software integration, is designed to send and receive screen-captured images between PCs, notebooks, and hardware adapters. The receivers can be either PCs/notebooks, or hardware adapters that normally connect to projectors. Ideal for sharing presentation content, NewSoft's Presto! WMS sending software is easy to set up, enabling users to configure a wireless environment in just a few steps. It lets users share screen-captured images and graphics in real-time. Besides, users can easily search information provided by senders through the channel scanning method and communication protocol without worrying about wireless parameters and settings.


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