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ALESIS Stealth Kick Pack

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Alesis double-packs a pedal and trigger solution
NAMM 2013 PRESS RELEASE: Combining the Pro X Kick bass drum pedal and StealthKick 2 compact trigger pad, the Alesis StealthKick Pack is an unrivaled combo for kick drum performance.
StealthKick 2 Compact Trigger Pad

Compact size easily fits into any setup
Rugged metal chassis with non-skid traction tape
1/4 ˝ link input for double-bass setups

StealthKick 2 is a premium low-noise compact kick trigger solution. The low-profile design integrates easily into any type of new or existing percussion rig.

The rugged metal chassis is equipped with non-skid traction tape that helps keep your StealthKick 2 in place, minimizing crawl. The Link jack allows two StealthKick 2 units to be connected together to create a double bass drum setup.
Pro X Kick Bass Drum Pedal

Double chain-drive construction
Toothless X Cam delivers smooth precision
Inverted beater and cable included

The Pro X Kick drum pedal comes ready to adapt to any style of drumming. Offering gearless stroke-length adjustment, an ultra-high tension adjustable spring and a toothless X Cam, the Pro X Kick allows you to dial in the exact feel you want, providing power, smooth precision, and speed. The inverted beater transfers your pedal stroke at full power.

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