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ARTURIA KeyLab Essential 49

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Creating music in the digital world is sometimes a little challenging. So many distractions, so many new things to learn. KeyLab Essential lets you focus on what’s important…

Music is at the heart of this controller. Every aspect of KeyLab Essential has been carefully chosen to give you the best possible experience when creating and performing. From the responsive keyboard to the intelligently assigned knobs and faders, you’ll feel like everything you touch turns to gold. KeyLab Essential makes navigating your track a breeze thanks to the dedicated DAW Command Center, and makes browsing your presets an exciting, inspiring experience.

KeyLab Essential helps you keep your eye on the target. Spend less time with a keyboard and mouse, and more time creating, performing, and playing.


Roll Call of Features!


Piece by piece the KeyLab Essential gathers all the elements required to take the control of your studio.


1. Performance controls

Bend your notes, modulate your sounds and transpose your keyboard by semitones or full octaves.


2. Chord play

Quickly create full arrangements with intelligent chord feature.


3. Midi channel select

Quickly change MIDI channels with dedicated control.


4. Performance pads

Dual-purpose dynamic, back-lit pads also let you select your favorite mapping options.



5. DAW command center

Take control of your recording software thanks to the MCU/HUI protocol.


6. Screen and Analog Lab remote

Read the right info when you need it thanks the twin-line LCD screen and browse your Analog Lab presets directly on your keyboard.


7. Pre-mapped knobs and faders

Adjust the panning and level of the tracks in your DAW, and the essential parameters of the Arturia virtual instruments.


8. 49 note Keyboard

Durable, velocity-sensitive keys will capture every nuance of your performance.



9. MIDI out

Control any MIDI-compatible synths, outboard, and modular gear.


10. Sustain pedal input

Push forward the expressivity of your keyboard play with a sustain pedal. The polarity can be inverted to comply with all types of pedals.


11. USB connectivity

Bus-powered, class-compliant, and powered through usb.


12. Optional DC power

Power KeyLab Essential without connecting to a computer.


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