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ALT 300

3,00 m, 70 kg
New lockable safety pin

The ALT 300 has a double locking carriage and legs with double cross pieces for optimum stability.
It folds up small for transport.
This Stand has an anti-return winch with automatic break.
Its adjustable leg, for uneven surfaces, enables it to fit into any internal or external space.
Anti-glint black epoxy coating and zinc plated steel beam

Specifications :

Anti-return winch with automatic break.
Masts with locking system, Beam Adjustment knob.
Legs with double cross pieces and adjustable footprint.
New completely black finish.
Number of masts : 2

Technical information :

Maximum load at 3m : 70 kg
Maximum height : 3m
Minimum height : 1m60
Base : 0m90 / 1m20
Size folded : 1m59
Self Weight : 14 kg
Last beam square section : 35 mm


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