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Heavy duty snap on clip for D series, ADX51, SCX series, ADX12, ADX18

Heavy-duty nylon molded snap on clip provided with D Series, ADX51 & SCX Series. May also be used with ADX12, ADX18, TM1 as well as DVICE, DCLAMP and DFLEX mounting clips.

The DCLIP is a heavy duty, simple to use mic clamp system that attaches to a mic stand or any number of popular stands with either a 3/8” or 5/8” threaded surface. Such products include boom stands, tri-pods, Audix DVICE, Audix DCLAMP, and other drum mic clips. The DCLIP is provided with a thread adapter that allows it to be used with European 3/8” mic stands. Optimized to be used with the Audix D Series instrument mics, the DCLIP will work with any mic barrel with an OD (outer diameter) measurement of 19 mm - 23 mm. TO OPERATE The best method to place the mic into the clip is to snap the mic down into place from the top side of clip (see photo bottom right). Do not try to slide the mic into the end of the clip as the clip is intended to expand only from the top. This snap-to-fit design provides a very tight grip on the barrel microphone holding it firmly in any position. The metal thumbscrew allows the clip to rotate the position of the mic 180°. The thumbscrew locks firmly into place without having to over-tighten. To loosen the thumbscrew, simply turn counter-clockwise. It is not necessary to loosen the thumbscrew more than 1/4 turn. Note that the screw and bolt will come apart if loosened more than 2 complete turns. THE ULTIMATE INSTRUMENT MIC HOLDER DCLIP FEATURES • Heavy duty nylon material • Metal thumbscrew locks holder firmly into position • Works with a wide variety of popular microphones • Durable brass threads • 1 year warranty Optimized for use with the Audix D series instrument mics. (Pictured with Audix D2 mic). Can be used with shotgon mics (Pictured with the Audix UEM81S). Can be used with overhead pencil condenser mics (Audix ADX51 pictured). To operate; Place mic barrel over top of mic and snap the mic into place. Depending on the size of the mic barrel, it may take quite a bit of pressure before the mic snaps into place. Do not worry, the clip has quite a bit of play and will not break.



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