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BEYERDYNAMIC DTX 350m, black 32 ‚Ą¶

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The headphone DTX 350 m is characterized by its foldable design, which makes it an ideal companion for traveling. It has an angled, 3-pin, gold-plated stereo jack plug for connection to all players with a 3.5 mm jack, such as notebooks, tablet computers, MP3 players or smartphones.

The remote control with handsfree microphone integrated in the cable allows calls to be accepted and terminated. Depending on the software of the mobile phone or playback device (eg MP3 player), the remote control can also be used to control other functions, such as music playback.

The closed design of the headphone effectively shields ambient noise, so that its powerful bass and detailed highs stand out even in noisy environments. A good choice for every mobile music lover who wants to enjoy music undisturbed everywhere. 

The flat cables do not get tangled and allow easy handling of the headphones. If the headset is not used, it can be folded up compactly and stowed in the included soft case


Product Highlights

  • Lightweight, foldable headphones for on the go
  • Transmission range: 22 18,000 Hz
  • Powerful bass reproduction and detailed highs
  • Nominal load capacity: 100 mW
  • Sound pressure level: 98 dB SPL
  • Flat, tangle-free cables
  • Remote control with high-quality hands-free microphone
  • Angled, gold-plated stereo jack plug (3.5 mm)
  • Frequency range 20 - 20 kHz


Because the Heilbronn audio specialist has taken over the technology of the headphones unchanged and he also donated a high-quality hands - free microphone. In addition, there is a remote control in the cable, which takes on request calls or music playback pauses.

This makes the price-performance champion even more appealing for owners of a smartphone or tablet. The best: The price of 49 euros remains the same.

Beyerdynamic has not changed the rest of the equipment either. This applies to the flat, tangle-free connection cable as well as to the supple and soft synthetic leather-covered ear cushions. An inconspicuous folding mechanism in the headband makes the DTX 350 m foldable, so that it fits comfortably when not in use in the included soft case.

Trend-conscious music fans can also wear the on-ear headset as a fashionable accessory on their necks. There it is ready to be used at any time to pamper its wearer with powerful bass and detailed heights.


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