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CHORD C-screen Speak. Cable 3m

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The Chord Speaker C-screen speaker cable is a brand new shielded speaker cable aimed at both audio and home cinema systems. It joins the award-winning line up of Chord Company shielded speaker cables, including the acclaimed Clearway and the high-performance Signature Reference. The design objective was to produce a cable discreet enough for easy installation, with all the performance benefits that shielding can bring.


The C-screen is just 8mm in diameter and flexible enough to route around corners with ease. It’s finished with a white outer jacket which protects the shielding and makes it virtually invisible against white skirting boards. The C-screen features multi-stranded Oxygen-Free Copper conductors, and is insulated with low-density polyethylene and arranged in a twisted-pair configuration to reduce interference. The cable is then enclosed in a PVC casing that reduces mechanical noise and spaces the conductors correctly, relative to the twin-foil shielding.


The C-screen has the same characteristics as there other shielded speaker cables: the ability to carry a musical signal with a genuine sense of musical coherence and involvement; shielded speaker cables bring real performance benefits to both hi-fi and home cinema systems, where interference can seriously affect sound quality. At just £5 per metre and with the unquestionable performance one might expect from a Chord Company cable, C-screen is an ideal product for home cinema systems, where often complex cable-run requirements are the norm. It performs extremely well over longer runs and is easy to install.




ChordOhmic Silver-Plated Banana 


Chords ChordOhmic silver-plated loudspeaker plugs are designed to bring both the electrical and sonic benefits of silver to speaker cables.
Silver-plating not only makes sense from an electrical point of view, it can give an audibly superior result during listening tests, when compared with gold plated connectors. Plugs will also benefit from a major clean, using a good contact cleaner or enhancer. 





    • Chord C-Screen Speaker Cable


    • Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors


    • Low-Density Polyethylene


    • Twisted-pair configuration to reduce interference


    • White PVC Jacket


    • Diameter: 8mm


    • Terminal connectors - Chord's Banana



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