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Experience state-of-the-art surround sound with the AVR-X1300W 7.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV receiver, which delivers breathtaking immersive surround sound with today's advanced movie soundtracks. Bring home the same revolutionary 3D surround sound used in premium movie theatres, with the ability to create an overhead soundfield to deliver a dramatically expanded sonic space. What's more, a future firmware update will enable the AVR-X1300W to decode DTS soundtracks, for full compatibility with all current 3D sound formats.




Denon AV receiver AVR-X1300W in black

Powerful sound with Dolby Atmos and HDR

  • 7 amplifiers, each with 145 Watt 4K Ultra HD
  • Network Streaming: Internet Radio, Spotify and many more including DSD and AIFF.
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and Bluetooth CD quality
  • Dolby Atmos, DTS-X via firmware update
  • Controllable via free Denon AVR 2016 Remote App


Connections from 1300W

The Denon 7.2 AV receiver AVR-X1300W is the connection side well stocked:  5 + 1 (front) HDMI, front USB, 1 network, 2 digital optical inputs are a few examples.

Dolby Atmos

With Dolby Atmos your home theater is enhanced by the amazing ability to make the surround sound coming from above. The Denon AVR-X1300W permits 5.1.2 Set-up. In the film, Noah 'for example, it sounds as if the downpour would come down directly overhead and in the film, Gozilla' to listen to the roar of the monster over to you at shockingly realistic. You have several options on how to get this effect in your living room:

  1. with ceiling speakers
  2. with Dolby Atmos certified building speakers that are placed on the speakers you have, radiate upwards and reflect the listener.

Means of AVRX1300

The use of screen-based on-screen menus in Denon AVR-X 1300 W makes the initial installation especially for beginners very easy to understand, thereby, the microphone-based computerized calibration your receiver perfectly to your speakers and your listening room an even is the LAN / WLAN device a breeze.


The Denon AVR-X1300 W is equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth, it can be connected via the familiar 2.4GHz and now also on the particularly powerful 5GHz network via a LAN cable or wirelessly via WLAN. Listening to music from smartphone and tablet directly on the AVR is also possible via Bluetooth. The AVR-X1300W supports AirPlay, this allows you to stream your music library from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or iTunes. Of course, it also plays music from Android smartphones, computers or music servers. Alternatively, the supplied remote control allows you the free Denon AVR 2016 Remote App to operate your receiver.

Performance of the X1300

The Denon AVR-X 1300 W provides 145 watts of power to each of its 7 channels. The power amplifiers are made up of discrete components, this is compared to the low-amplifier chips that use some competitors, certainly more expensive but also much better sounding solution.

-> The next step from the Denon  portfolio  is AVR-X 2300  (including 7 + 1 HDMI inputs and a stronger power supply for more power, dynamics and a better control of the connected speakers)


The AVR X1300 W is processed properly. Housing & chassis are made of metal, the front panel made of plastic.   


Spec: AVRX1300WBKE2

  • Discrete 7-channel amplifier with 145 watts per channel (6 ohms)
  • Integrated dual-band WLAN (2.4 / 5GHz) and Bluetooth
  • Dolby Atmos 5.1.2, DTS: X 7.1 via firmware update
  • 5 + 1 (front) HDMI inputs
  • HDCP 2.2, 4K / Ultra HD video signal processing (to 50.60 Hz / 4: 4: 4)  with support for HDR and BT.2020
  • Streaming music (MP3, WMA, AAC, ALAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, DSD up to 5.6 MHz) by USB or DLNA server
  • Internet Radio, Spotify Connect (premium subscription required), AirPlay
  • USB input for music playback from mass storage devices and iPod / iPhone / iPad
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT room correction
  • Audyssey LFC, Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume
  • Controllable via new Denon AVR 2016 Remote App
  • ECO Mode Auto / On / O ff



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