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FOCAL Aria 906 Premium Walnut

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Focal Aria 906 "bookshelf" zvučnici su deo Aria 900 serije zvučnika. Seriju 900 karkterišu laneni "drajveri" u sendvič konstrukciji, TNF aluminijumski i magnezijumski invertovani kupolasti visokotonci sa "Poronskom" suspenzijom, "zamak" (cink-aluminijum) korpe, pažljivo dizajnirani zvučnički kabineti i skretnice. Inžinjeri Focal-a nisu štedeli u izboru materijala kako bi osigurali da budući vlasnici uživaju u najboljem muzičkom iskustvu.


AudioVisual Online

"There's a sense of scale here that we rarely, if ever, hear at this price... The 906's are tonally balanced and well integrated. The clear treble, direct midrange and rich low-end play together nicely enough to sound exciting with a variety of music styles."


The Aria 906 is recommended for rooms measuring from 160ft2 (15m2) and from a listening distance of 8ft (2.5m). These highly reviewed speakers have refined high end acoustics combined with excellent perceived value thanks to the use of noble materials. This 2-way loudspeaker allows users to enjoy all the qualities of the Flax cone, neutrality, presence and finesse.

Bass is articulated and controlled thanks to the oversized magnetic motor of the midrange/bass speaker driver and to low distortion aerodynamic front vent. For the treble register, the speaker is equipped with one TNF aluminium/magnesium inverted dome tweeter with Poron suspension for smoother sound. Their Urethane wave guide improves thus horizontal directivity and provides a more precise sound image.


Sandwich Technology

Sandwich Technology

Flax is twice as light as fibre glass, because the fibre is hollow. It is aesthetically beautiful and also has very low elasticity which makes it ideal to increase the flexural rigidity of a sandwich structure. Moreover, it can be obtained in non-woven bundles of considerable diameter and it can therefore produce the thickness required for a sandwich.

Aria Design

Aria Design

Aria has been conceived as an elegant piece of home furnishing; simple, with great stature, quality materials and soft shapes which capture the light and resist the passage of time. The glass on its upper face for strength, the leather finish to its front face for its absorbent and acoustic diffraction qualities.

Dedicated Stand

Dedicated Stand

The Aria S 900 stand is an optional extra. It is dedicated to the Aria 906 speakers. The stand compliments the speakers it has a black satiny mounting plate, matt aluminium column with cable pass-through and a black high gloss tempered glass base with rubber feet or spikes.

TNF Tweeter

TNF Tweeter

For the TNF tweeter, Focal have brought two major evolutions to their aluminium/magnesium tweeter. The suspension between the dome and its bracket uses Poron, a material with shape memory. The inverted dome's spatial characteristics and very low directivity already make it greatly superior. The frequency response has a variance of +/- 0.5 dB. This performance guarantees an incredibly stable sound stage which makes the listening position much less critical.

Flax Cone

Flax Cone

Focal cones are made of high-quality flax fibres core enclosed by two thin layers of glass fibre. They satisfy the key criteria of a high performance diaphragm high internal damping, high velocity of sound and high flexural rigidity. The cones are characterised by their natural sound, with low colouration, their richness of reproduction in the midrange register and their tighter bass.

  • TNF tweeter with Poron suspension for smoother sound
  • Non-parallel side panels, very little vibration, neutrality
  • Improved horizontal directivity improved sound image
  • Aerodynamic front port for low distortion
  • Urethane tweeter plate with waveguide
  • Simple design with noble materials
  • Ultra rigid MDF construction
  • Magnetic cloth grille



Two-way bass-reflex floorstanding loudspeaker

Speaker drivers

6.5" (16.5cm) Flax bass - midrange
1" (25mm) Al/Mg TNF inverted dome tweeter

Frequency response (+/- 3dB)

55Hz - 28kHz

Low frequency point - 6 dB


Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m)


Nominal impedance

8 Ohms

Minimum impedance

4.6 Ohms

Recommended amplifier power

25 - 120W

Crossover frequency


Dimensions (H x W x D)



19lbs (8.5kg)


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