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Focal Elear su vrhunske audiofilske slušalice "open back" dizajna, koje nude veličanstvenu muzičku prezentaciju. Inspirisane Utopijom,Elear nude izvrsnu udobnost i eleganciju. Ove slušalice su zamišljene za prave ljubitelje muzike, koji žele ponovno otkriti svoje pesme sa novim detaljima. Elear podižu intimnost slušne sesije dok otvaraju nova polja emocija i osećanja.

Elear are technophile open-backed headphones manufactured in France by Focal. Inspired by the best technology and acoustic research that went into designing Utopia, our flagship headphones, they offer truly exceptional performance. The mechanical design provides remarkably smooth and seamless style due to the solid aluminum yoke. They also feature memory foam ear cushions for maximum comfort, an essential quality for long listening sessions. Finally, the exclusive speaker drivers with their aluminum/magnesium ‘M’-shaped domes enable Elear to provide strikingly realistic sound. Be inspired by the sound of a high-fidelity system with a pair of Elear headphones, for hours of listening pleasure.

Headphone Design

Headphone Design

To get a very good stereo image with a pair of speakers is quite easy as it mainly results in having the right space between both speakers and the listening position (usually the equilateral triangle principle is a good option to start with). However, this is much more complicated with a pair of headphones as the distance between the left driver and the left ear is far less than the distance between both ears. So, to favour the best possible stereo image, we designed a very unique speaker plate to allow positioning the drivers as far forward as possible. The limit of this principle is also to avoid having too much distance between the headphones’ drivers and the ears to ensure the best dynamic and neutrality all across the audio spectrum.

“W” Composite Sandwich Cones

“W” Composite Sandwich Cones

Focal has brought major innovations that pushed the limits of loudspeakers and their performance. This strategy resulted in the creation of numerous exclusive technology, such as “W” composite sandwich cones that brought major improvements in terms of acoustic translation of the original audio signal. Before starting on the Focal flagship headphone project, we already had the relevant background with our in-house knowledge, thanks to the well-received Spirit headphone line. However, thanks to the flagship projects within the brand such as, Utopia III, technologies such as the “W” composite sandwich cone have allowed flagship technology to be applied to what Focal now refer to as compact ultra near field speakers.

Full Range Loudspeakers In A Pair Of Headphones

Full Range Loudspeakers In A Pair Of Headphones

Based on their findings, Focal shifted key elements of their design in order to:

• Design a real full range loudspeaker, fully open on both the front and back. Additionally, we wanted it to be compact enough to fit in an ear cup of a fully open pair of headphones that can perform with the lowest possible distortion and ensure the most vivid listening experience.

• Develop loudspeakers offering a very flat frequency response curve, from the lowest to higher frequencies in order to avoid using any foam or other artefacts to ensure a total respect of the audio signal’s dynamic.

Based on these requirements, the weight of each component within this micro-loudspeaker would present itself as a new challenge. Moreover, rigidity and geometry of the diaphragm are also key points to ensure a perfect piston functioning.




Type Circum-aural open back headphones
Impedance 80 Ohms
Sensitivity 104dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz
THD <0,2% @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL
Frequency Response 5Hz - 23kHz
Loudspeaker 137⁄64“ (40mm) Aluminum-Magnesium "M" shape dome
Weight 0.99lb (450g)
Cable length 9.8ft (3m)
Connectors 1 x 01/4“ (6.35mm) stereo Jack connector
2 x 09⁄64“ (3.5mm) Jack
Carrying Case 326 x 260 x 164mm

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