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The PM-SUBmini is the small yet powerful subwoofer system which has been designed to fit perfectly with the best selling Fostex PM0.3/0.3d as well as the newly announced PM0.1 monitor speaker system in both the sound characteristics and the physical size.

The PM-SUBmini can also be added to your existing compact speakers thanks to the through-terminal for satellite speakers and variable crossover frequency control between 60/150Hz.

5-inch (13cm) woofer dedicatedly designed to reproduce powerful lows in a compact enclosure box.
The driver features high rigid fiber glass material for the diaphragm and the center cap. The voice coil is 4-layer wound to control the mid/highs for better lows.
The physical measurements are exactly same as 2 x PM0.3/0.3d (except for the depth) which gives the perfect matching to the popular desktop speaker system.
Closed type enclosure box with raftered front baffle
Highly efficient 50W digital amplifier with built-in PSU
Variable crossover frequency control between 60 / 150Hz and phase reverse switch for easy adjustment to match such main speakers as PM0.1, PM0.3/0.3d as well as any other compact speakers.
Signal is fed to main speakers even while the power turns off.
Automatic energy saving function puts the PM-SUBmini into sleep mode consuming only 0.5W or less after approx. 15 min. of no signal input

Type: Closed type
Speaker unit: 5-inch (13cm) woofer unit
Rated Output Power: 50W
Frequency Response: 40Hz – 150Hz
Crossover Adjustment: 40Hz – 150Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB (A-Weighted)
Input Jack: RCA Pin Jack x 1
Input Impedance: 10k ohm or higher
Physical Dimensions: 200(W) x 185(H) x 233(D) mm
Weight: approx. 7.4kg
Power Consumption: approx. 15W, less than 0.5W in stand-by mode
Accessories: Power cord (2m) x 1
Auido cable (RCA pin – RCA pin 1.5m) x 1


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