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ONKYO TX-NR575E Silver Atmos/DTS:X 3D 5.2.2 Network AV Receiver

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An object-audio-enabled amp that fits you like a glove, whether you’re a sports fan, music streaming subscriber, or film buff, the TX-NR575E has the front-end tech and high-octane power to thrill. HDMI® inputs pass 4K/60p video with 4K HDR and BT.2020 to your display with onboard decoding for Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ sound, while Hi-Res Audio playback in DSD and 192/24 formats is available for stereo purists.



You can also share network and analog sources to compatible wireless speakers over FireConnect™* powered by Blackfire. Network audio controlled by Android™ and iOS devices includes AirPlay, Spotify®, and music streaming over dual-band Wi-Fi®, and the receiver comes with Chromecast built-in* and DTS Play-Fi®*. Built on Dynamic Audio Amplification, the TX-NR575E is waiting to transform your entertainment lifestyle.

Key Features

- Supports 5.2.2-Channel Dolby Atmos and DTS Playback
- 135 W per Channel
- HDMI 4 In / 1 Out (4K/60 Hz / HDR10 / Dolby Vision™ / HDCP 2.2)
- Dynamic Audio Amplification with 4 Ω Speaker-driving Capability
- 384 kHz/32-bit DAC and VLSC™ Filtering for Superior Clarity
- Ready for Chromecast built-in* and DTS Play-Fi*
- 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi®, AirPlay, Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Pandora®, TuneIn*5
- FireConnect™*1 Wireless Multi-room Audio


Unlock Dolby Atmos® and DTS™ Playback 
Object-based soundtracks allow independently mixed sound to play through any speaker in your system. Effects move all around as they do in real life, so you experience 5.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos or DTS formats as the director intended. DTS Neural™ identifies spatial effects in multichannel soundtracks and upmixes for 3D playback, while DTS offers independent dialog volume control for movies. Dolby Surround is also included to upmix legacy multichannel formats for playback in a Dolby Atmos-enabled environment.

FireConnect™ Wireless Multi-room Audio 
FireConnect™ mirrors network audio and external analog sources connected to a master component—from streaming services to vinyl records—on FireConnect™-compatible speakers in other rooms. Music selection, speaker grouping, and playback management across the home are built into Onkyo Controller app for iOS and Android™.

Onkyo Controller Supports Next Generation Network Audio 
Onkyo Controller app collects streaming services and network-attached audio into an intuitive interface. Control playback, navigate internet services, and distribute audio all over the home with ease.

Music Made Easy with Chromecast built-in* 
Stream any music from your smartphone, laptop, or PC to the TX-NR575E with ease. Control playback with Chromecast-enabled apps you know and love from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Mac® or Windows® laptop, or Chromebook. 

Stream Anything with DTS Play-Fi®* 
DTS Play-Fi is a wireless protocol that works with any audio app on mobiles and PC. Flick whatever’s playing to the receiver, even different sources to different components at the same time.


Wi-Fi®, AirPlay, Spotify®, and Bluetooth®
Selectable 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi assures stable connectivity so you can enjoy smooth streaming over AirPlay, the Spotify app, and the local network. Bluetooth wireless technology also provides quick and simple wireless streaming from your choice of music application. 

Internet Radio and Streaming Services
TIDAL, Deezer, and TuneIn are baked into the GUI, making it easy to select from a huge range of music and radio programs using Onkyo Controller.

Supports HDR10, Dolby Vision™, BT.2020,  4K/60 Hz, and HDCP 2.2 
Four rear HDMI inputs support pass-through of HDR10 and Dolby Vision, the BT.2020 4K video standard, 4K/60 Hz video, and HDCP 2.2-protected premium video content untouched from source to screen. 

Powerful Amplification for Dynamic Sound 
High current power is proven by the ability to drive  four-ohm speaker loads, which will severely test the strongest multichannel amplifier. Heaps of muscle means superior control for improved clarity and transient response, restoring energy to stereo and multichannel sound. Further, VLSC™ eliminates pulse-noise for optimal playback of high-quality stereo sources.


Graphical User Interface with Easy Setup
With your speakers and media players connected, plug in the AccuEQ mic and let the GUI guide you through initial setup, from speaker calibration (including AccuReflex phase correction for Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers) to network connection. The refined interface makes control simple  and enjoyable. 

Powered Zone 2 and Zone 2 Lineouts
Powered Zone 2 speaker outputs let you send amplified network and analog audio sources to a pair of speakers in another room. Line outputs can connect your home cinema network and analog audio sources to a separate hi-fi system. Control playback using Onkyo Controller.



-HDMI Terminals Supporting HDR10, Dolby Vision, BT.2020, 4K/60 Hz, and HDCP 2.2
-Supports 5.2.2-Channel Dolby Atmos Playback and Dolby Surround Upmixing
-DTS Object-based Audio Reproduction and DTS Neural™ 3D Upmixing
-AccuEQ Room Acoustic Calibration with AccuReflex Phase Alignment for Dolby Atmos-enabled Speakers
-Ready for Onkyo Controller App Integrated Multi-room Intuitive Operation*2
-Stable Dual-band 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® Connectivity
-Features Chromecast built-in* Wireless Audio Streaming Technology
-DTS Play-Fi* Shares Music from Apps to Receiver and Wireless Speakers
-AirPlay Audio Streaming from iTunes and iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
-Supports Hi-Res Audio Including DSD 5.6 MHz/2.8 MHz*3, 192 kHz/24-bit FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and ALAC, and Dolby® TrueHD*4
-Supports Spotify, TIDAL, TuneIn, Pandora, and Deezer Services*5
-FireConnect™ Multi-room Distribution of Network and Analog Audio Sources*6 to Compatible Wireless Speakers
-Powered Zone 2 Speaker Outputs and Zone 2 Line Output with Dedicated DAC Supporting Network and Analog Audio Playback
-Bluetooth® Wireless Technology for Mobiles, Laptops, and PCs (Version 4.1 + LE, Profile: A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.3)
-Advanced Music Optimizer Improves Compressed Digital Audio Quality, Including Bluetooth Audio
-480i De-interlacing (480i to 480p) via HDMI
-*1 Enabled with a firmware update. FireConnect™ is a technology based on Blackfire provided by Blackfire Research Corp., USA. Sampling rates of 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz are supported. 
-*2 For iOS and Android devices. Please check App Store or Google Play™ for device and OS requirements. 
-*3 DSD playback not supported over wireless LAN. 
-*4 Dolby TrueHD playback via USB input only. 
-*5 Availability of services may vary with region. Please confirm availability before purchase. Subscription may also be required. Pandora is available in Australia and New Zealand only. 
-*6 Sharing audio from external analog inputs depends on the model and is enabled with a future firmware update.

-135 W/Ch (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 1% THD, 1 Channel Driven, IEC)
-Dynamic Audio Amplification System Delivers Thrilling Stereo and Multichannel Performance
-Discrete Output Stage Circuitry for Low Distortion
-High Current Power to Drive Larger Speakers with 4 Ω Resistance
-H.C.P.S. (High Current Power Supply) Transformer
-Non-Phase-Shift Amplification Circuitry for Clarity and Detail
-VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) High-frequency Noise Removal (Front L/R Channels)
-PLL (Phase Locked Loop) Jitter-Cleaning Circuit Technology for S/PDIF Audio

-Dolby Atmos and DTS Reproduction (5.2.2 Channels)
-HDMI Support for 4K/60 Hz, HDR10, Dolby Vision, 3D, Audio Return Channel, DeepColor™, x.v.Color™, LipSync, Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio™, DSD, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD (SACD), Multichannel PCM, and CEC
-AKM (AK4438) 384 kHz/32-bit Multichannel DAC
-32-bit Digital Signal Processing
-DSP Modes for Gaming: Rock, Sports, Action, and RPG
-Theater-Dimensional Virtual Surround Function
-Enjoy Pristine Reproduction of Audio-only Sources in Pure Audio Mode
-Direct Mode for Audio Reproduction Close to Original Source Quality
-Tone Controls (Bass/Treble) for Front L/R Channels

-4 HDMI Inputs and 1 Output
-Powered USB Port (5 V, 1 A) for Audio Playback
-2 Composite Video Inputs
-3 Digital Audio Inputs (2 Optical and 1 Coaxial)
-4 Analog Audio Inputs, 1 Stereo Analog Input (3.5 mm, Front)
-Phono Input (MM) and Equalizer for Turntable
-2 Subwoofer Pre-Outs
-Headphone Jack (6.35 mm, Front)
-Speaker Posts with Screw Knobs
-Speaker Setup Mic Input and Microphone (Front)

-Crossover Adjustment for Each Channel (40/50/60/70/80/90/100/120/150/180/200 Hz)
-A/V Sync Control (Up to 500 ms in 5 ms Steps at 48 kHz)
-Graphical User Interface with Overlaid On-Screen Display (OSD) via HDMI
-Quick Setup Guide via GUI and Easy Connection Diagram on Rear Panel
-Large Input Selector Buttons
-Economical HDMI Pass-through and Network Standby Functions
-IP Control via LAN for Home Automation Systems
-3-Mode Display Dimmer (Normal/Dim/Dimmer)
-40 FM/AM Random Presets
-Full-sized Simple Remote Control

-Dimensions (W x H x D) 539 x 260 x 400 mm

-Weight 11.5 kg


Amplifier Specifications

Power Output

All Channels 135 W/Ch (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 1% THD, 1 Channel Driven, IEC)

Dynamic Power

160 W (3 Ω, Front)
125 W (4 Ω, Front)
85 W (8 Ω, Front)

THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise)

0.08% (20 Hz–20 kHz, Half Power)

Damping Factor

Over 49 (Front, 1 kHz, 8 Ω)

Input Sensitivity and Impedance

200 mV/47 kΩ (Line)
3.5 mV/47 kΩ (Phono)

Rated RCA Output Level and Impedance

1 V/470 Ω (Subwoofer Pre Out)
200 mV/2.3 kΩ (Zone Line Out)

Frequency Response

10 Hz–100 kHz/+1 dB, -3 dB (Direct Mode)

Tone Control

±10 dB, 90 Hz (Bass)
±10 dB, 7.5 kHz (Treble)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

106 dB (Line, IHF-A)
80 dB (Phono, IHF-A)

Speaker Impedance

4 Ω–16 Ω

Video Section
Input Sensitivity/Output Level and Impedance

Composite Video 1.0 Vp–p/75 Ω

Tuner Section Tuning Frequency Range

FM 87.5 MHz–108 MHz
AM 522 kHz–1,611 kHz
530 kHz–1,710 kHz

FM/AM Preset Memory

40 Stations

Physical Properties


4 Inputs and 1 Output


Powered Port (5 V, 1 A) for Audio Playback

Composite Video Inputs


Digital Audio Inputs

3 (2 Optical and 1 Coaxial)

Analogue Audio Inputs

4 1 Stereo Analogue Input (3.5 mm, Front)

Phono Input

Phono Input (MM) and Equaliser for Turntable

Subwoofer Pre-Outs


Headphone Jack

6.35 mm, Front

Speaker Connection

Speaker Posts with Screw Knobs

EQ Kit

Speaker Setup Mic Input and Microphone (Front)

Supplied Accessories

• Indoor FM antenna • AM loop antenna • Speaker setup microphone
• Quick Start Guide • Basic Manual • Remote controller
•AAA (R03) batteries x 2

Power Supply

AC 220-240V~, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

480 W

No-Sound Power Consumption

45 W

Standby Power Consumption

0.15 W

Dimensions (W x H x D)

539 x 260 x 400 mm


9 kg


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