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Proizvođač: TASCAM DA 6400
Dostupnost: Nema na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 85739

The DA-6400 is a universal backup recording system for up to 64 audio tracks received from a Digital Audio Workstation or live mixing console.

€ 4163

High stability and high reliability in both recording and playback

Embedded operating system for high stability and simple standalone operation

The DA-6400 uses an embedded operating system for quick startup and simple operation. Stable recording is possible when using high sampling rates with large amounts of data transmission. Furthermore, files are saved approximately every 20 seconds during recording, so file losses due to unexpected power supply interruptions are kept to a minimum.


Supports recording/playback of 64 channels at 48 kHz or 32 channels at 96 kHz

PCM recording/playback from 48 kHz to 96 kHz maximum is supported for compatibility with existing recording studio systems, PA systems and other recording situations where high sampling rates are being utilized.

Note: 32 channels are supported at 96 kHz/24-bit resolution.  

Solid-state drives (SSD) as recording media

The DA-6400 uses solid-state drives (SSD), which have excellent vibration and environmental resistance and offer simple, maintenance-free operation. It includes a Tascam SSD designed and thoroughly tested using DA-6400 units.  Component parts, including IC control elements, are carefully selected and constantly tested lot by lot in cooperation with the parts manufacturers to maintain quality specifications.

By installing SSDs into removable AK-CC25 storage cases and using the swappable bay in the DA-6400 unit, it is easy to switch and use multiple drives. Since the DA-6400 is hot-swappable, it is possible to remove and load SSDs stored in AK-CC25 cases even when the power is on, making rapid switching of media possible. SSDs stored in AK-CC25 cases can be connected to computers by USB and used as external drives.

Note: One AK-CC25 and one TASCAM SSD are included with each DA-6400/DA-6400dp unit. Additional cases and drives can also be purchased separately.

Stable digital signal control with 1 ppm accuracy

Because the clock generator can influence digital signal quality, the DA-6400 employs a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) that boasts a high precision of ±1 ppm (0.048 Hz at 48 kHz).

Additional model featuring a redundant power supply

In addition to the DA-6400 standard model, the lineup also includes the DA-6400dp which has two power supply circuits built-in to allow redundant power from another AC circuit. This provides failsafe operation in case AC power is interrupted on one of the circuits.

1U size enables installation where rack space is at a premium

A single DA-6400 can record and play back up to 64 channels but requires only a small amount of space for installation due to its compact 1U design.

Perfect as a backup recorder

Backup operation synchronized to ProTools

The DA-6400 is capable of receiving timecode input from a ProTools system for backup recording with synchronized operation. Using serial/parallel control, you can control DA-6400 recording operations from ProTools.

With a studio/live system that supports MADI, you can use an IF-MA64/EX audio interface card that supports MADI thru output to include a DA-6400 between a mixing desk and ProTools (or another main recording system) allowing you to add a backup system easily. Also, in a system that supports Dante and other interfaces, a compact DA-6400 can be used instead of a second complete system.

Perfect as a backup mobile recorder in a variety of live recording situations

The main unit of the DA-6400 weighs 3.5 kg, enabling great mobility when used as a backup recorder – perfect for transport to a variety of locations. It can also be used in applications where recording/playback of rehearsal audio is required, or where a ‘virtual soundcheck’ is needed – as in live touring.

BWF format for easy data transfer to DAW software

BWF is supported as a recording file format, and time information can be stored in files, making file searches and importing files into ProTools and other DAW software easy.

Note: Time information input through the TIMECODE IN can also be captured and written to files.

Multi-playback device

Ideal system for multi-channel playback

The DA-6400 is a perfect solid-state, compact playback system for theaters, theme parks, and similar venues. In addition to ordinary playback operations, serial/parallel external control can also be used to send play triggers.

DA-6400 as a timecode synchronization master device

Using LTC (SMPTE timecode), the DA-6400 can be used as a timecode synchronization master device. The supported timecode frame rates are 24, 25, 29.97DF, 29.97NDF, 30DF and 30NDF.

Includes remote control and LAN function

1000BASE-T Ethernet and file transfer by FTP

1000BASE-T gigabit LAN is supported, and the work protocol is FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Access is possible from any kind of system, including Windows, Macintosh and UNIX. Using the built-in FTP client function, file transfer is also possible between SSDs and servers.

External parallel/serial control

In addition to remote control and monitoring using the LAN function, external remote control using parallel and RS-422 serial communication interface (2P protocol) is supported.

SNTP time synchronization

With SNTP support, the DA-6400 can automatically update its internal clock at regular intervals over a network, so accurate time information can be maintained.

Card slots for audio interfaces

Two audio interface slots provide input and output flexibility

The DA-6400 has two rear audio interface slots. By adding interface cards (sold separately), flexible support for input and output options is possible. For example, signal conversion of Dante input to MADI output is possible. In addition, one slot could use MADI/Dante to record 56 channels as the main, while the other slot could use AES/EBU to record 8 channels as the sub. Furthermore, by using two AES/EBU interface cards, the maximum number of simultaneous input and output channels can be increased to 32.

MADI, Dante, AES/EBU and other digital input and output plus analogue output

Audio interface cards can be swapped from their slots, enabling flexible support for different types. The lineup of interface cards includes solutions for MADI, Dante, AES/EBU, and a planned analogue output and AVB to complete the line. Support is available for the recording studio and live systems of major manufacturers, so you can choose interface cards according to the application requirements.

Note: When using two AES/EBU cards, a maximum of 32 inputs and outputs at 96 kHz/24-bit resolution is possible.

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