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EKS OTUS Digital DJ Player

Proizvođač: EKS OTUS Digital DJ Player
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 4939
Prikazana cena je za komad.

Functional Design To meet the needs of professional artists, all the controls are of the absolute best quality. The placement of each control has been optimized for usability and for show factor. All of the key functions are placed closest to the DJ, while effect orientated controls are placed further away. Otus is also designed to fit on top of a standard vinyl turntable. This makes it easy to fit it in any DJ booth. Otus weights 2kg, so it's firm and sturdy but still retains its portable nature. [Video]

€ 599

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The Next Generation Digital DJ Controller

EKS Otus’ stylish physical appearance, clever design and the solid touch and feel will make any professional DJ feel at home from the very first encounter.  The sturdy aluminum frame is built to withstand the physical abuse of DJ’ing and the hazards of travel.

The heart of Otus is its illuminated, high resolution 7.5” jog wheel with sensitivity adjustments.  Otus has been designed to fit firmly in the place, or on top of standard DJ turntables, with vibrations substantially reduced due to its unique sharp cloves (feet). 

All of the controls onboard the Otus are of the highest professional standards and are illuminated by LED indicators for maximum usability in a club environment.



Independent by spirit, Otus gives DJs the freedom to work with software combinations of choice. It feels at home next to a mixer, external soundcard or another controller, but can also replace them all if needed. The advanced MIDI mapper & Asio software makes creating different setups a breeze.



Otus offers a wide range of controls enabling the user full control – no mouse or keyboard needed.  The placement of each control has been optimized for usability and for show factor.  All of the key functions are placed closest to the DJ, while effect orientated controls are placed further away.  This allows the club audience a better view of the DJ tweaking knobs.

The Future Proof Ideology of the control layout allows the use of future software features. Assignable buttons, knobs, push-and-rotate selectors and capacitive touchpad enable advanced creative freedom, while the relative touch sensitive slider allows very accurate pitch adjustments.

To top it off, all of the controls can be virtually doubled via a color indicated layer selection switch or shift button. The second layer, indicated by LED color changes, offers the option to control two virtual decks with one Otus or even other software like MIDI controllable VJ programs.

A professional level audio/headphone output allows direct connectivity to a DJ system or the possibility for headphone preview.


Setting up Otus

Otus can be configured in various ways: to work as a two channel audio interface, an all-in-one control device or a simple MIDI controller without audio. Here's a few basic ways to connect Otus to your DJ setup.


In the first setup the Otus is connected to a standard external DJ mixer of your choice. This allows a quick and easy setup in a club or in other hectic situations. Otus is also designed to fit on top of a standard vinyl turntable, which makes it easy to fit it in any DJ booth. [Video]


In this second setup the Otus is used as a all-in-one DJ control device, which can be connected directly to your amplifier or PA system. The Otus features a headphone jack, enabling direct preview of your music. [Video]


In the third basic setup the Otus is used only as a MIDI controller and the audio is routed through the audio interface of your computer or an external soundcard. This way you can utilize the Otus to control as many virtual decks as your DJ software of choice allows.

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