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Oyaide d+USB class B 2m

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  • Futoški put 1, Novi Sad
  • Cara Dušana 85, Niš
  • Ugrinovački Put 10n, Zemun
  • Svetogorska 9, Beograd
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Today's DJ landscape is visibly dominated by laptops in the studio and club area and thus reliable, durable and error-free data connections between the equipment used are becoming increasingly important. A performance stands and falls with the real-time transmission of data. The d+ cable series combines traditional manufacturing methods with innovative advancements. This results in extremely high-quality cable solutions designed specifically for sound designers, producers, musicians and DJs. OYADE Electric has been producing a wide range of high-quality cables for over 50 years, raising the sound of music productions as well as reliability in data transfers to a higher level.

NEO d+ USB 2.0 Cable, Class B Features:

  • Specially adapted to the needs of digital DJs as well as for recording applications
  • Designed for highly reliable data transfers analog cable manufacturing has been transferred to the production of USB and Firewire data cables
  • All components guarantee Hi-Speed data transfer, a robust power supply
  • Silver-coated OFC (oxygen-free copper) terminals with 24 k Gold coated bronze alloy are used
  • The flat ribbon cable design ensures constant pitch and electrostatic capacitance between conductors
  • The double shielding and twisted-pair structure, in combination with the TPE outer jacket, reduce electromagnetic noise
  • An aluminum outer jacket with a construction of PBT and 30% fiberglass ensure frequency-stable and high-quality recordings and playbacks
  • Color: Green Length: 2.0m


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