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KEF Kube10b Aktivni vufer

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KEF Kube 10b sabvufer poseduje savršeni balans između veličine i preformansi. Sa 10-inčnim drajverom, Kube 10b je srednji predstavnik nove serije sabvufera "Kube" koji je idealan za prostorije srednjih kvadratura.
Može biti uparen sa sistemom zvučnika kućnog bioskopa, takođe može da obezbedi neverovatan zvuk kao samostalni sabvufer u stereo setapu, sa dubokim, preciznim basom zahvaljujući 300W pojačalu koje radi u D klasi

Committed to Pure Sound

Arguably the only high-end audio company to design, engineer and assemble the driver, cabinet and circuitry in-house, KEF clearly demonstrates its dedication to pure sound. Kube upholds this value resulting in a driver and amplifier that are so flawlessly attuned, they resonate in complete synchronisation.

Intelligent Bass Extension

The DSP evaluates your input signal and adds KEF’s iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension) algorithm which enables the subwoofer to play brassier and stay energetic at any volume. Produced by KEF’s design and engineering team, iBX produces a drawn-out profundity that reveals the entire potential of the custom driver for supreme accuracy and decisive harmony between amplifier, driver and sealed cabinet.



Kube Series

KEF’s inimitable aptitude to plan, construct and assimilate the driver in-house adds a new level to optimisation, distributing engaging audio and home cinema sound that takes you deeper to the core of the enactment.

Each stylishly designed, completely sealed unit releases explosive power readily, naturally and perceptively. iBX technology covers the bass depth vigorously, exposing the full prospective of the driver’s power at standard volume or even the most extreme.

Easy configuration

Set up the Kube for ultra convenience and match it to any main speaker or with any type of music system to begin exploring new depths in sound. The configuration of Kube subwoofers offer unrivalled flexibility. With a variety of LFE, line & speaker-level inputs, 3 DSP controlled EQ settings and Phase selection to facilitate setting your sub up for any room placement, you have ultimate control straight out of the box.


KEF SmartConnect intelligent technology identifies mono or stereo inputs automatically and alters the volume of the subwoofer accordingly. Placement tuning presets enable wall /in-cabinet, Freestanding and Corner configurations so wherever it’s installed, the Kube always sounds perfect.


- Arduous 56bit 50 MIPS DSP preamplifier
- iBX Intelligent Bass Extension
- Refined patented DSP programming
- Impressive 300W Class D amp with DSP preamp/EQ


Tech Specs

- Model: Kube10b
- Design: Powered Sub (sealed)
- Drive Units: 1 x 250mm (10”)
- Freq Response: 24Hz - 140Hz (-6dB)
- Maximum Output: 111dB
- Amplifier Type: Built-in Class D
- Amplifier Output Power: 300W RMS
- Variable Low Pass: 40Hz - 140Hz & LFE
- Analogue In: RCA phono/Speaker level 
- Power: 100-120V / 220-240V ~50/60Hz
- Dimensions (HWD): 370 x 353 x 370mm
- Weight: 17.4kg





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