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KEF C7 Black Podnostojeći Zvučnik

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The ideal that inspired KEF's founder Raymond Cooke in 1961 was to reproduce recordings so accurately that they would sound indistinguishable from live performance, which is why so many professionals (including the BBC) adopted his groundbreaking early designs. This spirit of innovation in pursuit of perfection is what has driven KEF engineers ever since and their results have received accolades the World over


The new KEF C7 floorstanding speakers have been engineered to uphold the tradition and acoustically provides the sort of clarity, definition and spatial precision normally associated with speakers of a much higher price. Power handling is uniformly excellent, so they're easy to drive with virtually any amplifier and whether used for music, movies or games, the sheer quality of the sound they produce is equally captivating. The realism of the KEF C7 floorstanding speakers is awe-inspiring, even the most subtle nuances are reproduced, untainted by any vibrations from an internally braced cabinet and dense, two-layer front baffle system. Carefully contoured front slot ports help deliver a widely dispersed, extended bass. High frequencies are accurate and detailed thanks to the same 19mm (0.75in.) tweeter and 'tangerine' waveguide as used on the latest XQ range.

The new KEF C7 floorstanding speakers features internally braced MDF cabinets and two layer anti-resonance front baffle system which will remove unwanted cabinet vibrations, the results, exceptional detail, clarity, and bass response. Also included in the KEF C7 speakers is KEF's exclusive 19mm Aluminum Tangerine wave guide tweeter, the same as used in the exceptional XQ series, ensures the exquisite KEF sonic signature and smooth high end response.

Dual High Output 165mm woofers

Magnetically shielding increases placement flexibility
All models are 8Ohm for compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers.
Striking design with high gloss front baffle reinforces the C Series' high intrinsic value.
C Series front slot port delivers exceptional deep bass extension.
19mm (0.75in.) tweeter and 'tangerine' waveguide as used on the latest XQ range.


Brands KEF
Product Specifications
  • Signal to noise ratio
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
  • Cross Over Frequency
  • Recommended Amp Power
15 - 200 Watts
  • Magnetically Shielded
  • Cabinet Volume in Litres
  • Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms
  • Weight
  • Sensitivity


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