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Proizvođač: HEGEL H90
Dostupnost: Uskoro na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 85555

Integrated amplifier with network Hegel H90, integrated stereo amplifier Hegel H90 is the newest shot on the Hegel tribe. The Nordic hi-fi company has been very successful in the last 3-4 years thanks to technological know-how and a talent to see what customers want.

€ 1695

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The unconditional best-selling Hegel amplifier must be the predecessor of the H90, the H80. It took the market by storm and delivered in a delicious, relatively compact, modern wrapping, a beard of a stereo amplifier. It can be difficult to deliver a successor to such a marvel but it is nevertheless that Hegel succeeded. 

The launch of the beautiful White Voice Amplifier in 2016 was a tick of a wagon about where Hegel sees the future of two-channel hi-fi. The future is called network functionality and it should be easy to set up, easy to operate and above all, so it should sound great. All the good available in the Voice Amplifier is also available in the Hegel H90, though with a slightly lower output power, no IP control or even balanced inputs. 

In spite of the minimal lesser effect, Then this amplifier sounds absolutely outstanding. The amplifier part is built on the newly developed SoundEngine 2 and the Hegel H90 delivers the most juicy, spicy 60 watts you've ever experienced. The new SoundEngine design minimizes distortion and highlights details that are not seen in other Hegel amplifiers. That's where the Hegel H90 shines and that's where it lifts you from the couch, takes you straight to the concert and causes you to lose your jaw. The attenuation factor is class leading twenty times higher than the average amplifier in the price range and even larger speakers are held in an iron grip by the Hegel H90. 

Hegel H90 is a single amplifier - and it should be perceived positively. Here are two sets of single-ended RCA inputs - who needs more? - a coaxial S / Pdif and all three optical digital TosLink inputs. In addition, there is of course also a USB input that opens up the connection to the really good D / A converter found in the Hegel H90. 

A network entry has of course also made room. As previously mentioned, Hegel sees hi-fi through the glasses of the future and although the Hegel H90 is not a particularly expensive amplifier, it obviously has the features you need. Hegel returns their crazy good implementation of the Apple AirPlay protocol. It makes it possible to play your music directly from your iPhone, iPad or PC / Mac with iTunes and get a sound great result from it. If you do not have Apple products, you will not be bothered. The Hegel H90 also has a DLNA feature so you can stream music from a local NAS server in incredibly high quality. 

One thing that is often overlooked and, unfortunately, it also became the H80, is the headphone output. It is back on the Hegel H90 and we are looking forward to it a lot.


Specifications of the product
Goal 10 x 43 x 31 cm
Net weight 11 kg
amplifier Technology Class-A / B
Power v. 8Ω 60 watts
Power v. 4Ω -
Analogue inputs 2 x Single-ended RCA
HT (Home Theater) input Yes
Digital inputs 3 x optical TosLink, 1 x coaxial S / Pdif, 1 x USB-B
RIAA / Turntable input No
Pre-out Yes
Tape out No
Headphone output Yes
Tone Control No
remote control Included
More info  
What is included? Remote control, power cord, user guide

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