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CASIO CDP-S100 + CS-46 Paket

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Novi ulazni model CDP-S serije inspiriše svojim glavnim odlikama: novom hammer tehnologijom, novom generacijom zvukova, novim sistemom zvučnika I opcijom za povezivanje sa Chordana Play for Piano aplikacijom! Pored toga, CDP-S100 je lagan i može da se koristi na baterije. Sa opcionim CS-46 stalkom, ovaj prenosni instrument se transformiše u privlačan stojeći model.

Posetite nas i uverite se i sami!

Wherever you go. Take your Casio CDP S100 Digital Piano with you. Carefully designed with a slim-line and compact design. The CDP S100 is light in weight and easy to carry. Meticulously engineered to produce the most authentic sound capabilities. The Casio CDP S100 Digital Piano is made with incredible hammer action, capturing even the slightest nuances. Prudently designed with textured keys, giving you a firmer grip of the keys. The CDP S100 is made to support you, as you deliver a superior performance.

For your convenience. The Casio CDP S100 Digital Piano is made with an option to power your digital piano with batteries. So you can play at home, in the studio, or on the go! You can even connect to your smart phone and control your settings with the Chordana App. So take absolute control of your music creation with the CDP S100!

FREE digital downloadable book with the purchase of selected qualifying instruments.

Casio Music UK has combined with Rockschool to provide a FREE digital downloadable book with the purchase of selected qualifying instruments. An access website code to the digital music will be provided in the form of a leaflet inside the product box.

The CDP S100 is an ideal introduction to the world of digital pianos. The slim-line effect piano delivers all the features of a digital piano in a slim, stylish and smart form. A crucial feature of any digital piano is the touch and response of the keys. The CDP S100 features 88 fully-weighted keys that give you the natural feel and response that most people would associate acoustic pianos. Also featured is 64-note polyphony, which means you can play up to 64 notes simultaneously, giving you optimal versatility over your playing style.

A Range Of Tones And Effects

There are a total of 10 AHLii tones included with the CDP S100 that gives you the option to play using different sounds such as the EPiano (Electric Piano) or strings. This adds a new layer to your playing as different tones will affect the overall feel of your playing style, letting you experiment with different instruments and styles. Also featured are a variety of digital effects which give you added versatility over your instrument. These digital effects range from Reverb to Chorus effects and more, letting you directly affect your sound and tweak the effects and tone to your liking.

Ultra compact and light

Weighing just 10.5kg makes the CDP S100 extremely portable making it easier for the musician on the go. Also, being much slimmer than it's competitors, it is much more suitable for taking anywhere!

New Piano Sound Engine

The Dynamic Stereo Sound Engine has been revised in order to bring you and enhanced sound and the dynamic range is further developed to produced a quiet pianissimo through to a loud fortissimo. With the dual 8W speaker system this is a powerful piano for the size!

88 Full Size Hammer Action Keys

Hammer action keys provide a faithful feel and response to a piano and with the textured keys and the Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard, combined with weighing, the keyboard will provide a true piano experience.

Your sound, your place

Operating with 6xAA batteries you can take your sound anywhere - this makes it ideal if you want to perform outdoors, on stage or anywhere you like.

Chordana Play App

Chordana allows you to connect to your smartphone/device to make learning the piano fun. You can play the 50 songs that are included or add your own MIDI files. The app will generate a music score from a MIDI file and then track chords and help you learn two-handed piano pieces.


  • 10 AHLii tones
  • Integrated metronome
  • Hall effect button (at the touch of a button, concert hall reverb can be applied to the sound of the keyboard)
  • 88 weighted keys
  • USB interface
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 5 demo pieces
  • Internal speaker system
  • Optional accessories (wooden stand – CS46) available

Casio CDPS-100 Specifications


    • Keyboard: 88 (Full size)
    • Dynamic Sensitivity: 3 Types Off
    • Maximum Polyphony: 64 notes
    • Key Action: Hammer action
    • Key Surface: Textured



    • Weight: 10.5kg
    • Dimensions: 132.2 x 23.2 x 9.9cm



    • Built-in Timbres: 10 (with the possibility of imposing)
    • Reverberation: 1 -4. off
    • Horus: 1 -4. off
    • Demonstration Compositions: 2



    • Number of shares: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
    • Tempo Range: 20 – 255


Other functions

    • Transpose: + - 2 Octaves (from -12 to +12 Semitones)
    • Setting: For the first octave 415.5 – 440.0 – 465.9 Hz (initial default 440 Hz)



    • MIDI: Multi-timbral, 16 Channel
    • Imports: Type B
    • Socket for Damper Pedal: Standard
    • Headphone Output: 3.5mm
    • Stereo Jack Audio Input: 3.5mm Stereo Jack
    • Power Socket: 12 V DC Current


Power Supply

    • Pedals: SP-3 pedal, music stand, adapter
    • AC Adapter: AD-A12150
    • Power Consumption: 12 V – 18 W
    • Built-in Speakers: 8W + 8W (2 Pcs : 12 x 6 cm)
    • Battery Power: 6 X AA (Optional/Sold Separately)
    • Sounds: 10
    • App Connectivity: Chordana Piano App


Includes: CDP-S100, Music Rest and SP3 Sustain switch


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