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Proizvođač: KEF Q700 BLACK
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 6469
Prikazana cena je za komad.

With the Q700 standbox KEF presents the midrange model of the new Q series. A large number of very good and partially superior test evaluations from the specialist press characterize the Q models as one of the most popular loudspeaker series. Since the 1960s and early 1970s, the British loudspeaker manufacturer has been stifled by its not-too-urgent need for research. The constant enthusiasm for innovation by the KEF engineers was already responsible for so many breakthroughs. In this respect , the KEF Q700 also has a sonically impressive testimony.

€ 689 € 599

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KEF is well-known for pushing forward the use of new materials and innovative technologies , regardless of production costs . The whole thing coupled with know-how and a wealth of ideas . The goal is not the pure self-realization but simply the self-imposed task of reproducing music recordings in such a perfection that the sound is not to be distinguished from a live event. With the new series, KEF follows on to the tradition of the Q-models and creates a three-dimensional sound picture whose fullness and clarity, as would otherwise only be possible with much more expensive loudspeakers.

Holistic design - intelligent details

The KEF Q 700 was completely redesigned from the ground up. According to KEF, " it is a quantum leap in terms of listening pleasure" . In the tradition of the Uni-Q technology introduced in 1988, a new brand-new Uni-Q chassis is also the centerpiece of the sound process in these loudspeakers . It is equipped with a new, larger, ventilated high-performance woofer, which is located in the acoustic center of a new low / mid-range chassis with metal cone. This results in a lavishly expanded bandwidth and effortless dynamics , an imperceptible distortion and impressive acoustic clarity.

The side radiation is immaculate, so all the people in the room enjoy the same extraordinarily realistic sound - no matter where they are. The Q700 is both more versatile and more emotionally charged than its illustrious predecessors thanks to its housings with a 30% larger volume and minimalist crossover . Movies or music, from Mahler to Massive Attack - what you experience is the captivating, exhilarating, precise and natural live sound of the original performance.

Everywhere you encounter the legendary detail of the KEF engineers. For example, gilded bi-wiring connections , which enable an optimal signal transmission. Or the adjusting screws on the speakers . These can now finally be adapted from above fit, which simplifies the Nivauregulierung enormously. Clever nuances.


Completely new Uni-Q chassis

The Uni-Q chassis of the KEF Q700
The picture shows the famous Uni-Q chassis. It is responsible for the almost legendary KEF sound picture, which can be best described with terms like "Living", "Spatially", "Incredibly realistic". And the nice thing about it is that you can enjoy the music from anywhere. A likewise new high-performance drummer; Which has a deeper and more precise bass. All in all, a 'total design' approach with almost compelling detail, which guarantees the owner the full sound.

In the following, KEF will be speaking: "Thanks to state-of-the-art computer modeling techniques, years of meticulous development work and a powerful pinch of genius, the latest version of the Uni-Q concept includes an impressive range of design innovations Concept Blade has been developed to meet the needs of today's industry and is equipped with a significantly larger tweeter (25mm), which offers improved sensitivity and distortion-free playback, not only powerful but also 100% natural.

The design of the ventilated tweeter allows for an astonishingly clear reproduction of the higher registers and smoothes the transition to the medium frequencies. The calotte is stiffened and distorts distortions outside the audible range, so the sound in your ears is spotless and precise. In addition, the "TangerineWaveguide technology" over the tweeter improves the extraordinarily broad emission characteristics of the Uni-Q chassis.

At lower frequencies, the superlight new aluminum cone of the Central fTieftöners provides a significantly faster, cleaner response is amplified this effect Dunch KEF's unique "Z-Flex Surround technology" which is the extreme deflections allows for thunderous bass are really necessary. At the same time, Z-Flex surround provides; That the dispersion of the high frequencies of the tweeter is not adversely affected.

This ensemble is a masterpiece of modern acoustic engineering. Voices appear much more direct - more open and natural. Enveloped by a sound with such clarity, you suddenly hear things that have always escaped you before. Nuances in the way an instrument is played. The sound of a distant cricket in an outside view. Even a breath. The KEF Uni-Q technology lets you sit wherever you want, do not miss anything, all you hear is what you need to hear. "

The bass of the Q700: deep, clean and precise

The bass chassis of the KEF Q 700

Much of the technical innovation that has flowed into the KEF Q700 has been a powerful and powerful low-frequency reproduction. The improved Q-Series bass cassis is equipped with the same new stiff aluminum cone as the Uni-Q chassis. It is a splendid achievement for itself. An aluminum die-cast chassis secures the rigid positioning of the highly efficient ventilated magnetic module. This avoids unwanted resonances . At the same time, the large 50 mm oscillating coil guarantees an impressive load capacity . The musical characteristics are immaculate: seductively sound and well controlled.

The Q700's new cabinet is designed to amplify the extremely deep, fast and powerful bass reproduction . The housing has massive internal stiffeners for the elimination of resonances. Above all, it offers 30% more volume than the corresponding predecessor model. This, in combination with the new Uni-Q technology, makes the sound almost as realistic as possible. The performance of the new driver units is so generous that the signal requires only minimal inter- mediation - only simple first-order frequency sweeps are required.

Technical specifications:

  • Principle: 2½-way bass reflex speaker
  • Cassis placement
  • 165 mm aluminum Uni-Q chassis
  • Ventilated 25 mm aluminum tweeter
  • 165 mm aluminum woofer
  • 2 x 165 mm Aluminum Passive-Mebran
  • Frequency response : 36 Hz to 40 kHz
  • Transient frequency : 2.5 kHz
  • Amplifier requirements: 15 to 150 watts
  • Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1m): 89 dB
  • Maximum sound pressure : 112 dB
  • Impedance : 8 Ω
  • Weight: 17.2 kg
  • Dimensions without base (HxWxD): 920 x 210 x 302 mm
  • Dimensions with base (HxWxD): 967 x 325 x 312 mm


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