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KEF X300A Wireless

KEF X300A Wireless

Proizvođač: KEF X300A Wireless
Dostupnost: Uskoro na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 80144
Prikazana cena je za komad.

The X Series brings all the pleasures of true high fidelity sound to the digital world. With each speaker featuring KEF’s award-winning Uni-Q® driver array, two dedicated amps, high quality DAC and a 24-bit digital-to-analogue converter sampling at 96kHz, the X Series delivers flawlessly accurate, high definition sound to studio standards from virtually any computer or mobile digital device. Just connect, power up and believe your ears.


Raymond Cooke (BBC inžinjer elektronike, tehnički direktor Wharfedale-a) i poslovni saradnici, osnovali su kompaniju KEF Electronics Ltd., sa namerom da prave ino- vativne zvučnike koristeći najnovije mate-rijale i tehnologije. Osnovana je u Kentu 1961. godine, na imanju nekadašnje kompa-nije “Kent Inžinjerstva i Livnice (Kent Engineering and Foundary)” odakle je “KEF” i dobio ime.

Zahvaljujući stalnom eksperimentisanju sa novim materijalima i tehnologijama KEF zvučnici su uvek imali fantastična akustična merenja i mogli su da reprodukuju snimke najbliže moguće originalnom zvuku u studiju ili nastupu uživo. Od početka, kao i danas, KEFova inovativnost i kvalitet su neosporni, tako da više od pola veka unazad audiofili širom sveta uživaju u ovim zvučnicima visokih perfomansi.

KEF Introduces X300A Wireless - The Premium Digital Desktop Speaker System

KEF's X300A Wireless is a premium, active design combining all of the advantages of the original X300A with the added convenience of wireless streaming via Airplay or DLNA from most Apple or Android devices.

With KEF's award-winning Uni-Q drivers, four dedicated amplifiers (two per speaker in this true active design), two discrete high-quality DACs and a high resolution 96kHz/24-bit distortion-free digital USB connection in wired mode, the X300A Wireless has everything consumers need to turn a straightforward digital desktop into a true audiophile environment.

Configuring the X300A Wireless couldn't be easier with the quick and simple 'setup wizard' (for OS X and Windows), available for download from

Comparable with the best pro-audio monitors on the market today, the KEF X300A Wireless has two class AB audiophile-grade amps in each speaker, one for the LF/MF and one for HF. Because the high frequencies are driven separately from the mid- and low-frequencies, the sound is much cleaner at high levels.

The X300A's low noise and excellent headroom and dynamic reproduction are possible because of the audiophile grade linear power supply and toroidal transformer in each cabinet.

To ensure optimum performance, the X300A was designed with the ability to switch between desk, free space and desk/wall modes, to adjust the equalization for location (desk and stand modes are selected via a switch on the rear panel of the master speaker; wall mode is adjusted using a foam plug for the rear reflex port).

For true audiophile performance the X300A features a Uni-Q driver derived from KEF's flagship Blade.

The X300A Wireless speaker now features two finishes: Gunmetal and Linear White. Both contemporary finishes complement the latest in modern PC/laptop design, and blend beautifully with any interior space.

Complete Wireless Experience: Stream music wirelessly from your computer, Smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices via Airplay or DLNA.
High Fidelity Design: Twin class AB amplifiers in each speaker; High quality, high fidelity Toroidal transformer and power supply minimizes noise and interference
Award-Winning Uni-Q Driver Technology: Derived from KEF's flagship Blade Loudspeaker
96kHz/24-bit HD Distortion-Free Digital USB Connection: Ensures lossless high-resolution sound from source to output when in wired mode
Discrete, High-Quality DAC: In each speaker for ultimate digital musical fidelity
Optimal Listening In Multiple Set-ups: EQ switch to customize output for specific room positioning
3.5mm Analogue Input: For use with devices with non-digital devices with no wireless capability.
Simple To Use Setup Wizard: for Apple (Mac OS X version 10.6 or later) and Microsoft (Windows 7 or later) operating systems can be downloaded from

Available Finishes: Gunmetal and Linear White



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