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Proizvođač: FBT VERTUS DLA 804A
Dostupnost: Nema na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 65991

The experience gained during the development of our leading MLA series has been transferred to these two new exclusively digital beamsteering models using the same innovative algorithms for steering and beamwidth control.

1930 € € 1399

DLA804A is composed of 8 x 100mm (4’’) full-range column loudspeakers matched with 8x50W power amplifiers in Class D and switching mode power supply. Designed especially for voice reproduction, DLA804A has a frequency response from 120Hz to 10kHz. It can be used alone or together with other DLA804A modules in order to extend the SPL and the minimum control frequency as well as to reduce beamwidth of radiation lobe.

DLA1244A is composed of 12 x 100mm (4’’) loudspeakers and 4 x 25mm (1’’) dome tweeters combined to waveguides to improve efficiency, 16 x 50W power amplifiers in Class D,  witching

mode power supply and a powerful DSP processor in floating point.

With a 100Hz to 20kHz frequency response, it is recommended both for voice and high-quality music reproduction. It can be used in association with DLA804A in order to create a full-range

system with even better directivity control and increased SPL.

Both DLA models have a dedicated SUB output on the Euroblock connector, to extend   performance at low frequencies. It is possible to use any active subwoofer within the wide   range proposed by FBT.

The wide range of controls and connections include: IN on XLR, IN/Link and SUB OUT on euroblock connectors, HP filter, volume, 2 switches for steering and beamwidth angle in 8 steps for a quick set up of the directional characteristics without the need of connecting a PC, and 4 equalization presets.

The PC-slave position allows control and configuration via PC (with FBT USB-RS485 Converter). RJ45 connectors for RS-485 network data configuration via provided software. Power connection through neutrik Powerconn.

The range of accessories allows wall-mount and stand mounting.

Key features

  • High intelligibility even in reverberant environments
  • Homogeneous SPL in the listening zone for a better acoustic comfort
  • High direct to reverberant ratio
  • Wide selection of directivity adjustments for a better adaptation to any environment
  • Quick and simple setup even without a PC
  • High quality transducers
  • Modularity
  • Elegant aesthetic design for the most demanding installations

Digital Control Active Line Array - 8 x 50W RMS - 123dB SPL

  • Active column line array with digital beam steering technology
  • 8 x 100mm (4”) full-range custom speakers with 25mm (1”) voice coil
  • Frequency response from 120Hz to 10kHz
  • 8 x 50W RMS power amplifiers in Class D with switching mode power supply for a total power of 400 W RMS
  • Perfect for the reproduction of high-quality speech/ vocal application in reverberant environments, it can be used also for sound reinforcement as well as for fixed installations
  • Possibility of stacking on a subwoofer from the MITUS range through the optional mounting accessory and of wall-mount installation with the supplied bars
  • Standard white finish RAL 9016
Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 8x40 W RMS
Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF: 8x100 W
Frequency response: 120Hz - 20KHz -6dB
Low frequency woofer: 8x4 - 1 coil inch
Maximum SPL cont/peak: 120/123 dB
Dispersion: 100°xDigital controlled H x V
Steering Angle: +30 / -30 V
Beamwidth Angle: 10/40 V
Input impedance: 22 Kohm
Crossover frequency: 3 KHz
Input connector: Euroblock with loop and SUB OUT
Power cord: 5/16.4 mm/inch
Net Dimension (WxHxD): 130x965x131 / 5.11x38x5.15 mm/inch
Net weight: 213/26.66 kg/lb
Transport Dimension (WxHxD): 220x1040x220 / 8.66x40.94x8.66 mm/inch
Transport weight: 14.5 / 31.96 kg/lb

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