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Proizvođač: SOUNDCRAFT MPMI 20
Dostupnost: Nema na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 27831

Soundcraft's MPMi mixers are compact and ideally equipped for live sound applications including fixed installations, houses of worship and portable PA.


The MPMi versions replace the MFXi’s internal FX send with a third Aux send for operators preferring to use external effects. All MPMi mixers include 2 stereo input channels along with a 2-track record output and a 2-track replay input which allows interval music to be easily played from CD, MP3 or other music source. 

For increased versatility, each model in the MPMi range has two subgroups as well as a main stereo mix, making control of groups of channels much easier to manage. These are supplemented by 3 Auxiliary busses which can be used for effects sends or to provide a foldback monitor mix for artists. 

The MPMi consoles use vertically mounted PCBs which are secured with nutted pots for extra strength, stability and easy servicing. Well-spaced controls provide easy access at those critical control moments, enhanced by clear legending which highlights linked or associated functions. 

Sound quality is assured by Soundcraft’s now-legendary GB30 mic preamp and the use of professional condenser microphones is facilitated by the provision of globally switched +48V phantom power. New circuit designs have improved audio quality, and lowered the overall noise floor of the console. An integral universal power supply negates the need for an external power module. 

Rack ears are included with 12 channel consoles. 

MFXi - MPMi: The Differences
MFXi input channels feature an FX send to the internal Lexicon effects processor, along with 2 Aux sends for use with external processors, or to create a monitor mix. MFXi consoles include an additional stereo return to mix with its own level control.
With no internal Lexicon effects, MPMi input channels replace the FX send with a third Aux send for operators preferring to use external effects.


  • Precision GB30 mic pre-amps
  • True, professional +48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • 2 Group busses
  • Stereo Mix output
  • 12 or 20 mono Mic inputs, all with 2 stereo line inputs
  • Up to 26 inputs to mix
  • 3 Aux sends, globally switchable pre or post-fade
  • Universal internal power supply
  • Optional rack ears (standard on 12 channel consoles)
The addition of a Kensington lock slot on MFXi/MPMi consoles provides a welcome level of security in installations. 



Frequency Response - Mic / Line Input to any Output +/-1.5dB, 20Hz – 20kHz
T.H.D. - Mic Sensitivity -30dBu, +14dBu @ Mix output < 0.01% @ 1kHz
Mic Input E.I.N. (maximum gain) -126.5dBu (150O source)
Aux, Mix and Masters (@ 0dB, faders down) < -85dBu
Crosstalk (@ 1kHz) - Channel Mute > 96dB
Crosstalk (@ 1kHz) - Aux Send Pots Offness > 86dB
EQ (Mono Inputs) - HF 12kHz, +/-15dB
EQ (Mono Inputs) - MF (swept) 150Hz – 3.5kHz, +/-15dB
EQ (Mono Inputs) - LF 80Hz, +/-15dB
EQ (Mono Inputs) - Q 1.5
EQ (Stereo Inputs) - HF 12kHz, +/-15dB
EQ (Stereo Inputs) - MF 720Hz, +/-15dB
EQ (Stereo Inputs) - LF 80Hz, +/-15dB
Power Consumption Less than 40W
Temperature Range 5°C to +40°C
Input & Output Levels - Mic Inputs +15dBu max.
Input & Output Levels - Line Inputs +30dBu max.
Input & Output Levels - Stereo Input +30dBu max.
Input & Output Levels - Mix Output +20dBu max.
Headphones (@150O) 300mW
Recommended headphones impedance 32 - 200O
Input & Output Impedances - Mic Inputs 2kO
Input & Output Impedances - Line Input 10kO
Input & Output Impedances - Stereo Input 45kO
Input & Output Impedances - Outputs 150kO (balanced), 75O (unbalanced)
Height MPMi 12/2: 482mm (19.0"); MPMi 20/2: 688mm (27.0")
Width MPMi 12/2: 94mm (3.7"); MPMi 20/2: 94mm (3.7")
Depth MPMi 12/2: 405mm (16.0"); MPMi 20/2: 405mm (16.0")

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