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NAIM UnitiStar (with FM/DAB module)

NAIM UnitiStar (with FM/DAB module)

Proizvođač: NAIM UnitiStar (with FM/DAB module)
Dostupnost: Uskoro na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 85537

Naim Star is the most versatile all-in-one system in the Uniti range, offering high-calibre playback for CD, Radio, music streaming services and Bluetooth compatibility.

€ 3799

Naim Uniti Star All-in-One System opens up unlimited possibilities, packed with plenty of features it offers the ability to play, rip, store and serve your prized music collection.

Music Sources

Equipped for virtually any speaker system, Uniti Star lets you revive your entire music library with deep and immersive sound. You can stream high resolution audio, play or rip CDs, tune in to radio stations, access a wide host of streaming services and drastically enhance TV/games console audio quality.

Uniti Range

The new ground-breaking Uniti players deliver Naim-quality sound regardless of the source using a combination of digital technology with analogue personality. Your music collection can be played, streamed, ripped or stored in seamless high resolution. Custom-designed software conveys every nuance with genuine high-fidelity sound. Synchronise up to six Uniti systems or other Naim streamers for simultaneous multi-room playback.

Under the Lid

Packing a heavy punch, the all-in-one system includes a CD player, streaming and amplification technology with a focus on maintaining thermal stability and reducing inter-component interference. The integrated CD drive functions as a ripper making Uniti Star the most versatile in the range.

Control Your Way

An intuitive Naim App provides easy control over individual or multiple Uniti products. Access all your music and favourite radio stations, streaming services and playlists or discover artist discographies and biographies. You can now wirelessly update your system with a single tap. The new app gives you the ability to control both Naim streaming products and hard-disk servers from a single app.

Intuitive Remote

The full-colour 5” LCD glass display on the Uniti Star is fitted with a proximity sensor that wakes up the system once approached. It is supplemented by a bidirectional smart remote control which works amicably with the unit’s volume control.

Bring Uniti to Life

The Uniti range was planned and built by engineers and designers in Salisbury, England with a strong emphasis on upholding Naim’s core design principles. From the finned aluminium heat sinks inspired by the Statement flagship amplification system, to the brushed black aluminium casing, the illuminated signature volume control and exquisitely lit base – Naim considered every little detail to achieve striking aesthetics filled with features and technology that attain reference-level sound quality.

Purposeful Materiality

Impeccably crafted with carefully selected materials, Uniti Star is built around the service of the sound. The extruded aluminium heat sinks extract heat to optimise thermal stability for augmented longevity and aural performance. The brushed aluminium top plates are CNC-fabricated for absolute accuracy and perfect enclose and shield the delicate components inside.

Precision Volume Control

At the core of Uniti is an audiophile volume control which adjusts level in the analogue domain to a premium digital resolution. The design is taken from NAC-N 272 preamplifier and its smooth rotation is inspired by the Statement reference amplification system. The Bluetooth antenna has been hidden for a modern seamless look.Naim Uniti Star All-in-One System opens up unlimited possibilities, packed with plenty of features it offers the ability to play, rip, store and serve your prized music collection.



  Audio Inputs (Digital and Analogue)     2 x optical TOSLink

2 x coaxial RCA


1 x RCA

1 x 5-pin DIN

2 x USB Type A

1 x SD Card

 Audio Outputs 1 x stereo power amplifier

1 x RCA sub/pre output

1 x 3.5mm headphone jack

 Streaming          Google Cast for Audio



Spotify Connect

Bluetooth (AptX HD)



 Multiroom         Sync up to six Uniti all-in-one players

 Storage               Local storage (USB or SD card)

 CD Ripping         Yes

 Amplification    70W

 Size (hxwxd)    95mm x 432mm x 265mm

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