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Proizvođač: ADAM AUDIO S6X
Dostupnost: Uskoro na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 50215
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Main Monitors: S6X & S7A Mk2 The main monitors S6X and S7A Mk2 are designed for large control rooms and film studios. They present a completely new, impressiveconcept: to transport the unique realism of the ADAM monitors at a very high SPL level.


Main Monitors: S6X & S7A Mk2

The main monitors S6X and S7A Mk2 are designed for large control rooms and film studios. They present a completely new, impressive
concept: to transport the unique realism of the ADAM monitors at a very high SPL level. In accordance with ADAM's main goal to achieve the best possible authenticity in music reproduction, any overemphasis of the bass frequencies should be avoided. Furthermore, it is essential for neutral sound characteristics at high volumes to achieve a wide dispersion in the horizontal plane and a somewhat narrower dispersion in the vertical plane, thus reducing reflections from the ceiling, the floor or a mixing console. Less reflection means superior imaging and better localization, facilitating the best possible transportability of mixes across the widest range of playback systems.

Advanced D‘Appolito-array

The arrangement of the seven discrete drivers facilitates a gradual transition of the chassis dimensions. One of the most important aspects of these monitor's new approach is the horizontal symmetry of the drivers, which could be referred to as advanced D´Appolito array. If the drivers are filtered properly there are - besides the dispersion characteristics mentioned previously - two more advantageous results:

There is an absence of any sudden change in directivity with frequency, leading to harmonic dispersion behavior throughout the audio band. The absence of sudden changes in directivity is not visible in a frequency plot, but clearly audible - especially with a full range of materials, from single complex sources such as the human voice to the wide sonic palette of large orchestras.
The dynamic capabilities of the monitor are distributed over the audio band more equally, and louder recording or mixdown sessions with SPL´s of 120dB are handled without offending the ear.
Impulse Coupling

In order to get a precise and undistorted reproduction, all drive units are mounted on an ultra stiff Aluminum honeycomb plate (=IC).


Both the S6X and the S7A Mk2 ADAM use the new generation of switching amps and power supplies (=PWM).

These are combined in an extremely powerful (1000 and 1500W rms respectively) yet cool amplifier assembly. Together with the built in overload protection circuits these amplifiers will run reliably and at constant safe operating temperatures not possible with conventional designs.

The amplifiers are of extremely low output impedance, leading to a damping factor >4.000, enabling them to strictly control the motion of the drive units.

The S6X: accuracy and power

The S6X is one of the most ambitious studio monitors available today. They can be found in some of the highest profile studios in the industry, from elite private studios to world class jazz, from rock and orchestral tracking and mixing facilities to high powered hip hop production rooms. The concept of the horizontal symmetry of the drivers is greatly affected by the generous proportions of the larger diaphragms, resulting in both exceptionally flat frequency response and extremely realistic dynamic reproduction across the entire audio spectrum. Numerous controls at the front panel allow detailed adaptations to different acoustic environments.

This main monitor offers very high accuracy and power in sheer abundance. SPL peaks beyond 120 dB are produced without any compression or harshness. The S6X is a top shelf choice for larger control rooms and film or sound studios.

Control panel (S6X & S7A Mk2)

Numerous controls on the front panel introduce a new degree of control for main monitors. Along with the input gain, there are level controls for each of the four drivers, shelving filters on both ends of the frequency spectrum, and three full parametric EQs (20-200Hz) that can be used to combat standing waves in the control room. The EQ can be bypassed individually or as a group so that their overall effect can be analyzed in direct comparison to the unaffected signal.

In large film score mixing rooms, it may be desirable to have a representation of the sound in the theatres. To meet the ISO 2969 Standard, the DolbyTM X-curve has to be applied.

Using pink noise, the X-curve engages a 3 dB per octave roll-off above 2 kHz. Both the S6X and S7A Mk2 have a switch that activates this filter, eliminating the need for external processing during the film mix.

A second switchable input on the front allows servicing without moving the unit.

All LED indicators can be dimmed if necessary.

Number 2
Basket Ø 12" (305 mm)
Voice coil Ø 3" (75 mm)
Cone material HexaCone
Number 2
Basket Ø 7.5" (186 mm)
Voice coil Ø 2" (50 mm)
Cone material HexaCone
Number 2
Type X-ART
Diaphragm area 26 inch² (16800 mm²)
Equiv. Diaphragm Ø 5.5" (146 mm)
Velocity transform ratio 3.5:1
Diaphragm weight 0.7 g
Number 1
Type X-ART
Diaphragm area 4 inch² (2420 mm²)
Equiv. Diaphragm Ø 2" (56 mm)
Velocity transform ratio 4:1
Diaphragm weight 0.17 g
Built-in Amplifiers  
Subwoofer 2
Type PWM
Amp. power RMS / music 500 W / 700 W
Woofer 2
Type PWM
Amp. power RMS / music 250 W / 350 W
Midrange 1
Type PWM
Amp. power RMS / music 250 W / 350 W
Tweeter 1
Type PWM
Amp. power RMS / music 250 W / 350 W
Control panel  
Input Sensitivity ±10 dB
EQ 80 Hz (Quality / Hz / Level) 3 x 0.2 - 20 / 20 - 200 / ±12 dB
High Shelf EQ > 6 kHz ±6 dB
Low Shelf EQ < 150 Hz ±6 dB
Sub Gain ±4 dB
Mid-Woofer Level ±2 dB
Mid level ±2 dB
Tweeter gain ±4 dB
Input connectors  
Analog XLR
General data  
Panel Front
X-Curve-Filter yes
Frequency response 23 Hz - 50 kHz
THD 90dB/1m > 100 Hz ≤0.5 %
Long term output ≥123 dB
Max. peak ≥133 dB
Crossover frequencies 85 / 800 / 3100 Hz
Input impedance 10 KOhm
Weight 213.8 lb (97 kg)
Height x Width x Depth 28.5" (720 mm) x 37" (940 mm) x 19.5" (490 mm)
Warranty 5 Years
Delivery contents

Power cord, Manual

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