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PLAYER Test: Marantz NA8005 | Streamer

Proizvođač: PLAYER Test: Marantz NA8005 | Streamer
Dostupnost: Nema na stanju

"Marty McFly" and "Doc Brown" would have been pleased with their new, but network-compatible hi-fi equipment in 1985 the so far removed from reality as the world-famous Fluxkompensator - "the time travel ever makes it all possible" - it still is today. However, the audio scene is changing. Maybe even in the largest for decades. In fact, bring components as the test here for Marantz NA8005-runners ( changes, which are comparable with the introduction of the CD player early eighties.


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At the right time













"Marty McFly" and "Doc Brown" would have been pleased with their new, but network-compatible hi-fi equipment in 1985 the so far removed from reality as the world-famous Fluxkompensator - "the time travel ever makes it all possible" - it still is today. However, the audio scene is changing. Maybe even in the largest for decades. In fact, bring components as the test here for Marantz NA8005-runners ( changes, which are comparable with the introduction of the CD player early eighties.



Marantz NA8005 Streamer/Netzwerkplayer



Do not you think? Then, we recall but once common: Was it more than thirty years ago a revolutionary new carrier medium, which was also sampled without contact with his previously unknown to clean - some might say "sterile" - sound quality even Herbert von Karajan to his legendary saying "All other is gaslight "misled!, we now have quite a similar situation. Today we recognize tonal advantages in moving parts and "physical drives" in hi-fi equipment omit possible - unthinkable a few years ago - save the audio signals on hard drives - for heaven's sake! - With unbelievable large capacity and can enjoy our music as needed from various storage media that is selected according to taste, to retrieve. Even wirelessly, if we want to. And accept it all without sacrificing quality to have!


The industry is therefore currently experiencing a fusion of different worlds, the traditionalists actually to separate carefully examined - HiFi grows with computer technology together. Good sound quality coupled with an unprecedented ease of use and a source of diversity that is unparalleled. In this case - and this is the real power - you have to have played any computer science studies in order to install and use the modern media artists can. In general, the commissioning of a network player does not take more than the "good old" CD player!





The obligatory involvement of the Marantz NA8005 the home network is a matter of a few minutes


The Marantz NA8005 thinks it particularly suited to his prospective new owner and takes away the setup routine from even largely. Which brings us to an elementary nature of the genus "network or media player" - without involving a domestic computer network, they are virtually useless. But at least superfluous. Why is this so explicitly mention at this point? Well, I have experienced, in fact, that "old hi-timers" have acquired such a modern machine, only because even an iPod or a USB stick can on its front panel USB socket read digital data. "Music Network? I have not. I do not need. "No kidding! But that would be a versatile media talent simply challenged ...


So to completely exhaust the capabilities of the Marantz NA8005, you should connect it to your home network. This works with a commercially available LAN ("Ethernet") - cable. Turn off your computer and your router - if you have not already done so - and follow best the Setup Wizard from the control, call them via remote control or the buttons on the front panel of the alubeplankten Marantz. Ideally - who joined my test - you need to do nothing more than to wait until the display of the NA8005 announces the end of the installation, and you can catch the streamer in the network environment of your computer. The procedure usually takes no longer than a few minutes. From now on the Marantz does via Ethernet connection on your computer or connected NAS drives for stored music - of course DLNA certified - and sees itself wirelessly to portable devices, dominate the Apple "AirPlay". So you can Transmit music stored on your iPhone or iPad directly to the network players. A WLAN option in the true sense, there is not.




In addition, he also acts as an external sound card when you connect it via USB cable (Type B) to your computer. In "asynchronous mode" - in which the Marantz the source device to the beat of his own high-precision clock imposes what disturbing jitter reduced - takes the NA8005 high resolution audio files up to twice the DSD sampling rate, ie to 5.6 megahertz contrary. All other digital formats including FLAC be processed with up to 24 bits and 192 kilohertz.


Converter side, the manufacturer relies on chipsets from Cirrus Logic. "Gapless play", so seamless playback as live or related concept albums is mandatory. Friends of the music streaming service "Spotify" is delighted that his Marantz with 8005er "Spotify Connect" equips. This makes it possible to access the network player right out of the Spotify app installed on a smartphone or tablet PC and be able to put away the land under "Remote Control" handheld thereafter. The executed once "impulse" - for example, random play a Spotify playlist - leads the Marantz then from self-sufficient. So you can on his smartphone or tablet PC while confidently open other apps - read or work - which is still good juggler media continue to play the selected service in streaming content.



The Marantz NA8005 also serves as a USB converter - and has both a USB-A and USB-B interface


For completeness I like to mention that on the front-mounted USB type-A connector iPods, iPhones and iPads Ripping and can be loaded with rich two amps here. The operation of the connected Portis can take place either on the device itself or completely via remote of Marantz. On the mobile device stored contents of the NA8005 then displays on its easy to read display.


Speaking Remote Control: How many products of its kind Marantz NA8005 the can of course also a free app available control. It is registered under the name of "Marantz Remote" both Apple and Google in the store for free and also integrates the music streaming service "Spotify". Practically. In the clearly laid out menus to find your way quickly, they allow the switching of inputs and access to the playlists of iPod, Spotify and the "tapped" home network. In parallel, there are a few weeks ago a new app - "Marantz HiFi Remote" - I would not even recommend to replace things stand now (early February 2015). She seems visually and also their functions relating not to be "complete". But what can change quickly. Basically positively emphasized that the network player can also completely with "board means", ie its own remote control and the crosses on the front panel, command. The app is a convenient and visually appealing complement and therefore advisable under comfort aspects. Who does not want to use that does not need too.




By the way, can also replace an existing radio receiver old school "networkers". The Marantz NA8005 begins with the integrated service "vTuner" - a searchable by country, region, genres and themes online catalog - but thousands of Internet radio stations worldwide. Not all, but quite a few regional channels are also among them, the sound quality varies greatly in total. When feeding niche channels with meager 64 kbit / s, brings the best receiver out because hardly anything else. Nevertheless: A journey of discovery through the global "ether" may fill nights. Last but not least, is also a fully discrete, analog headphone amplifier on board, makes contact with the outside world its gold-plated 6.3-mm stereo jack. After a mere alibi feature the little amp does not look certainly, component selection and circuit layout testify in any case of a certain claim.


Probably you've noticed that I have thus far lost no words about the actual basic design of the Japanese as hi-fi component. Yes, it seemed to me at first important to make you familiar with his psychic abilities when you get bored with the fact that a manufacturer like Marantz course, masters the keyboard "classical" HiFi virtues. Embezzling I do not want you this information yet.





To the sides rounded front panel made of brushed aluminum with machined perpendicular beads left and right of the central display reflects the typical family face all Marantz components and provides with its few but logically placed controls a thoughtful, sophisticated impression. The one with just over seven kilograms not exactly light for his guild network player obtains its mass by no means lead weights in an otherwise almost empty housing, no, there is "properly what it":


Starting with a particularly stabilizing running base plate and an equally respectable "bonnet" (cover) provides an oversized transformer for the power supply of all relevant components. Which were assembled by the way made separately according to exemplary analog and digital sections. The so-called "HDAM" modules - In the initial stage, a specialty of the Japanese manufacturer is working. This is basically composed of discrete components operational amplifier circuits that have their usually performed as an IC counterparts greater bandwidth, higher current capability and an overall "faster" way of working ahead.


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