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The Regenerator is a chorus, a flanger and a phaser all in one sturdy metal stomp box. A stereo modulation pedal, the Regenerator features a diverse range of six different modes for you to explore, sure in the knowledge that the tone-preserving passive bypass is just a footswitch away.
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BLUESBREAKERThe sound of the 1962 ‘Bluesbreaker’ amplifier became a legend, with the smooth tone, rich warmth and full character that gave guitarists more expression than ever before. The original Bluesbreaker pedal took this and put it in a stompbox. Today, ...
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DRIVEMASTERThe Drivemaster is based on the original Guv’nor but takes things a stage further with a new tone and drive network. It’s three band tone network acts as if adding an extra amp to your set up, with real Marshall tone and overdrive. The iconic look ...
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THE GUV'NORReleased in 1988, the Guv'nor set the bar for future generations of distortion pedals. This reissue faithfully recreates the classic sound of The Guv’nor, providing a smooth overdriven sound with a touch of compression. The pedal is housed in a casing th...
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SHREDMASTERThe original Shredmaster was our first ever high-gain pedal and has become synonymous with game-changing music throughout the 90s and beyond. The ultimate care has been taken to ensure that this reissue accurately recreates that iconic Shredmaster sound. The p...
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