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MARANTZ SR 5012 Silver Gold

Proizvođač: MARANTZ SR 5012 Silver Gold
Dostupnost: Nema na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 12164


Zašto se isplati kupovati u autorizovanim Player prodavnicama?
*Kupujete sigurno original proizvod u original ambalaži
*Besplatna montaža i puštanje sistema u rad (Beograd i Novi Sad)
*Podrška & servis
*Mogućnost plaćanja bezgotovinski (čekovi i kartice)

€ 899

* Ukoliko pronađete povoljniju ponudu za ovaj artikal, dobićete ga od nas jeftinije za 10% od razlike u ceni!


Marantz SR 5012 AV receiver7.2-channel Full 4K Ultra HD with HEOS

The Marantz SR5012 is equipped with the latest audio and video technology and sets your home cinema to a new quality level. With Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, you can enjoy the latest and most advanced home theater films and soundtracks in stunning 3D surround sound. Due to its high-quality equipment, the SR5012 delivers the famous HiFi- and  sound from Marantz. The amplifier stage has an output power of 7x 180 watts. This is also sufficient for larger rooms. Thanks to the Audyssey MultEQ XT, you can perfectly match the sound to your personal listening room.
The advanced video unit of the SR5012 is equipped with 8 HDMI inputs (1 of them in front). All 8 HDMI inputs are fully compatible with current 4K Ultra HD video specifications, including 60Hz video, 4: 4: 4 Pure Color Subsampling, BT.2020, HDR and DolbyVision. For 4K Ultra HD copy-protected content, the HDMI connectors are also compatible with HDCP 2.2. For future HDR broadcast content, HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) Passthrough is also supported (via firmware update).
Thanks to the integration of HEOS Wireless Multiroom technology, the SR5012 can become the centerpiece of a complete music network, allowing you to listen to your favorite music throughout the house. Discover and play music from your own network library and use online music streaming services as well as thousands of internet radio stations - all with the free HEOS app. Bluetooth and AirPlay enable music streaming directly from portable devices. 

Main features and advantages

  • 7.2-channel AV receiver with 180 watts per channel> Sufficient power to keep larger rooms sound
  • Support for 4K / 60Hz with full 4: 4: 4 color resolution, HDR, BT.2020 and DolbyVision, HLG support (with future firmware update)> Future-proof by supporting the current HDMI standards
  • 8 HDMI inputs (including 1 front) with full HDCP 2.2 support, 2 HDMI outputs> Many inputs for digital devices, televisions and projectors can be controlled in parallel
  • Analog / HDMI conversion and upscaling from SD / HD to 4K> HD video quality with existing DVDs and analog video sources
  • Dolby Atmos (up to 5.1.2), DTS: X ™> Room-filling 3D sound
  • WLAN with dual band support 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz, Bluetooth> Improved network stability, especially at high wireless network densities
  • Wireless HEOS music streaming technology integrated
  • AirPlay, Bluetooth, Internet radio, Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer, JUKE !, Napster, network audio streaming> Access almost any online music source
  • Support for DSD (2.8 / 5.6 MHz), FLAC, ALAC, AIFF and WAV> High-resolution audio streaming, even with full playback
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ> Perfect room acoustics correction
  • Color coded loudspeaker connections, Setup Assistant, Marantz 2016 AVR Remote App + HEOS App> Smooth installation, setup and operation
  • Intelligent eco mode with three settings (on / off / automatic)> Energy saving functions without compromising the sound performance
  • Advanced multi-room options, 7.2 pre-amplifier outputs, RS232 control> Audio and video in several rooms, prepared for home automation technology from third-party suppliers

Powerful discrete 7-channel Eco-mode

amplifier The amplifier stage of the SR5012 is equipped with discrete high-current power amplifiers for all 7 channels to reproduce music and movies with outstanding sound quality. At a rated power of 180 watts per channel, the SR5012 supports low-impedance speakers with excellent speaker control and is also compatible with 4 ohm speakers. Eco-mode operation is energy-saving. The Eco parameters can be displayed on the screen. In the power saving mode, either the maximum output power of the receiver is reduced, or conservative low-energy strategies are activated, in which the sound experience remains unchanged.

Current HDMI connections; Compatible with HDR, DolbyVision, HLG and HDCP 2.2 The powerful video unit of the SR5012 is equipped with eight HDMI inputs, one of which is conveniently accessible from the front, and two HDMI outputs. All eight inputs support the current HDMI specification, including 4K Ultra HD 60Hz video, 4: 4: 4 Pure Color Subsampling, BT.2020 and HDR Passthrough. DolbyVision is now also supported with the new HDR Broadcast Format HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) (release via firmware update).
HDCP 2.2 is also supported, so that copy-protected 4K Ultra HD content can also be reproduced. The device is equipped for Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and streams and downloads in 4K Ultra HD. The video processing component allows an upconversion of SD and HD video to 4K Ultra HD. 
The SR5012 has been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation. It is equipped with all control options for video calibration (which can be used by ISF technicians) and supports the video modes ISF Day and ISF Night. 

Integrated Bluetooth, WLAN and AirPlay

The SR5012 is equipped with two integrated antennas, which enable interference-free and error-free streaming via WLAN and Bluetooth, even in densely populated city centers. Thanks to the Apple AirPlay compatibility, you can play your favorite songs wirelessly from your favorite iOS device, such as iPhone or iPad. 

HEOS: The perfect solution for multiroom wireless streaming

Thanks to the integrated HEOS technology for wireless multiroom music streaming, the SR5012 can become a key component of your HEOS system. Enjoy and control your favorite music all over the house with the free HEOS app. Play the same track or play a different track in each room.

Many different streaming services can be played on the SR5012 and all connected HEOS devices, including Spotify, TuneIn Internetradio, SoundCloud, Tidal, Napster, JUKE! And Deezer (*). You can also play music from your phone, USB stick, and local drives such as NAS on the same local network. Support for favorites and playlists. 
* Availability varies by region. If necessary, a subscription is required.


Available colors: Gold / Silver / Black / Silver-Gold

 /  /  / 

Metal Front Panel



System Remote Control


Pre-programmed / Learnable / LCD Display

 /  / 


Power Consumption in W


Power consumption No-Sound (ECO on / off) in W

45 W / 75 W


Standby Consumption in W


CEC Standby Consumption in W



Network Control On Consumption in W


Maximum Dimensions
Antenna:Horizontal:(W x D x H) in mm
( Antenna:Vertical :(W x D x H) in mm)
【 w/o Antenna :(W x D x H) in mm】

440 x 346 x 161
(440 x 346 x 230)


Weight in kg


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