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Zbog renoviranja prodavnice u Svetogorskoj 9,
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je izmešten u naše prodavnice u Sarajevskoj 68-70 i Južnom Bulevaru 1a.
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Proizvođač: ONKYO TX-RZ720 B
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 12222


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Onkyo TX-RZ720 Black 5.1.2 Channel THX Certified Network A/V Receiver with Atmos and DTS:X - Invest in THX® Certified Select™ Theater Performance.

The TX-RZ720 offers THX Certified Select cinema-reference sound and state-of-the-art features for breathtaking entertainment in the living room and beyond. Expect smooth and powerful 5 Hz–100 kHz reproduction with thrilling dynamics and exquisite detail rendition, whether you’re driving all channels with  object-audio soundtracks or streaming music via Chromecast built-in*, AirPlay, or DTS Play-Fi®*. Tap your touchscreen to share network and analog audio sources to NCP-302 wireless speakers using FireConnect™ powered by Blackfire. HDMI® now supports pass-through of HDR features including HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), Dolby Vision™, and BT.2020 to the latest displays, while a suite of connections integrate the receiver into home automation systems.


Key Features

  • THX® Certified Select™ Reference Sound
  • Unleash Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X™ Home Cinema
  • Onkyo Controller Supports Next Generation Network Audio
  • Chromecast built-in*, DTS Play-Fi®*, FireConnect™
  • Wi-Fi®, AirPlay, Spotify®, and Bluetooth®
  • Supports HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision™, BT.2020, 4K/60 Hz, and HDCP 2.2
Introducing The Premium RZ Series

Introducing The Premium RZ Series

Onkyo’s premium RZ Series audio-video receivers deliver a significant boost to the dynamism, detail, and accuracy of music and movie soundtracks. The upgraded components, such as the massive transformer and custom capacitors, provide high instantaneous current for lightning-fast transient response and a frequency range that extends down to 5 Hz. Discrete amp circuits prevent phase shifting, clearly focusing the audio image and cutting distortion even at floor-shaking volumes.

THX® Certified Select™ Reference Sound

THX® Certified Select™ Reference Sound

THX Certified Select guarantees the same high-volume sound you experience at a commercial cinema in your home. To gain certification, amplifiers must pass the industry’s most severe bench tests covering every aspect of audio performance. THX Certified Select components are ideally suited to rooms where the screento-seat viewing distance is approximately 3 meters, and the room volume is approximately 57 cubic meters.

Unleash Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X™ Home Cinema

Unleash Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X™ Home Cinema

Object-based soundtracks allow independently mixed sound to play through any speaker in your system, moving above and around you with breathtaking realism. The TX-RZ820 reproduces 5.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos or DTS:X formats, with AccuReflex correcting the phase of direct and indirect sounds for cohesive audio imaging with Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers.

AccuEQ Calibration

AccuEQ Calibration

AccuEQ equalizes the surround-sound to suit the room acoustics for crisply focused sound, while AccuReflex aligns the phase of upfiring height speakers with sound coming directly from your other speakers. Any delay is resolved so that everything arrives at your ears at the same time. The result is cohesive reproduction of object-based soundtracks

Hi-Res Audio Capable

Hi-Res Audio Capable

Whether DSD 5.6 MHz, FLAC 192 kHz/24-bit, Onkyo A/V receivers are engineered for universal Hi-Res compatibility and ease of use. Use the remote app to locate your 192/24 and 96/24 albums (including 5.6 MHz DSD playback) on PC or NAS and bask in the clarity, depth, and detail of high-resolution music.

Wireless Music Playback

Wireless Music Playback

Wi-Fi®, AirPlay, Spotify®, and Bluetooth® - Selectable 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® assures a stable connection so you can stream over AirPlay, the Spotify app, and the local network. Bluetooth wireless technology provides simple streaming from your choice of app.

Dolby Vision™ HDR10 BT.2020 4K

Dolby Vision™ HDR10 BT.2020 4K

Six rear HDMI® inputs, Main Out, and Zone 2 Out support pass-through of HDR10, HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), and Dolby Vision; the BT.2020 4K video standard; 4K/60 Hz video playback; and HDCP 2.2 for premium video content. Front HDMI terminal is ideal for video camera connection, while the Zone 2 output distributes home cinema video to a display in a second room.

FireConnect™ Multi-room Audio

FireConnect™ Multi-room Audio

FireConnect™ mirrors network audio and external analog sources connected to a master component—from streaming services to vinyl records—on FireConnect™-compatible speakers in other rooms. Music selection, speaker grouping, and playback management across the home are built into Onkyo Controller app for iOS and Android.

Onkyo Controller Supports Next Gen Network Audio

Onkyo Controller Supports Next Gen Network Audio

Onkyo Controller collects streaming services and local network audio into an intuitive app. Control playback, explore services, and distribute audio all over the home via FireConnect™ powered by Blackfire from one interface.


All Channels

175 W/Ch (6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 1% THD, 
1 Channel Driven, IEC), 
185 W/Ch (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 
1 Channel Driven, JEITA)

Dynamic Power

250 W (3 Ohms, Front), 
220 W (4 Ohms, Front), 
130 W (8 Ohms, Front)

THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise)

0.08% (20 Hz–20 kHz, Half Power)

Input Sensitivity and Impedance

200 mV/47 k Ohms (Line), 
3.5 mV/47 k Ohms (Phono MM)

Rated RCA Output Level and Impedance

200 mV/2.3 k Ohms (Zone Line Out), 
1 V/470 Ohms (Subwoofer Pre Out), 
2.0 V/2.3 k Ohms (Zone Pre Out)

Phono Overload

70 mV (MM, 1 kHz, 0.5%)

Frequency Response

5 Hz–100 kHz/+1 dB, -3 dB

Tone Control

+/-10 dB, 90 Hz (Bass), 
+/-10 dB, 7.5 kHz (Treble),

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

106 dB (Line, IHF-A), 
80 dB (Phono)

Speaker Impedance

6 Ohms 16 Ohms

Video Section

Input Sensitivity/Output Level and Impedance



1.0 Vp–p/75 Ohms (Component Y), 
0.7 Vp–p/75 Ohms (Component PB/CB, PR/CR), 
1.0 Vp–p/75 Ohms (Composite)

Component Video Frequency Response

+0 dB, -3 dB

Tuner Section

Tuning Frequency Range



87.5 MHz–108 MHz


522 kHz–1,611 kHz, 
530 kHz–1,710 kHz

FM/AM Preset Memory

40 Stations


Power Supply

AC 220~240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

600 W

Standby Power Consumption

0.15 W

Dimensions (W x H x D)

435 x 177 x 378 mm


10.5 kg


Dimensions (W x H x D)

546 x 256 x 452 mm


13.5 kg

Supplied Accessories

Indoor FM antenna


AM loop antenna


Instruction manual


Remote controller


AAA (R03) batteries x 2




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