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Proizvođač: TASCAM US-32
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 11563
Prikazana cena je za komad.

The Tascam MiNiSTUDIO audio interfaces have been developed to enable anyone to broadcast their programs to the world. If you have been involved in personal broadcasting, there is one thing that you have probably thought about in particular. You have probably wondered how you can gain more audience members.

€ 149

The MiNiSTUDIO series of audio interfaces enable “audio performance” techniques that can make programs more interesting in order to grow your audience. Professional broadcasters call pre-recorded clapping, cheering and other sounds with a press of a button. With the PON function on MiNiSTUDIO Personal or MiNiSTUDIO Creator you can also add such sounds simply by pressing buttons. In addition, voice effects and reverb allow you to alter the voices of moderators and guests. This way, you can raise the level of excitement of a program.


With just the MiNiSTUDIO Personal, which is the entry-level model, you can easily enjoy high-quality personal broadcasting. Since this model has a built-in condenser mic, no external mic needs to be purchased. If you have wanted to try personal broadcasting, you will be able to do so quickly with this.

MiNiSTUDIO Creator

The MiNiSTUDIO Creator, which is the more advanced model, also supports audio and video production. Changing the mode automatically changes signal routing. The loopback function, which allows you to stream music from your computer, is always on in BROADCAST mode, but it is turned off in CREATOR mode.

Sound is one key to increasing your audience. Sound should suit the development of the program and voices should be easy to understand. This can be achieved with a single MiNiSTUDIO unit.

Use a MiNiSTUDIO to make your own unique programs.

From your room to the world, broadcast your own programs live over the Internet! 

Add audio effects to raise the level of your programs. Increase your fans!  

Leave your room and broadcast from somewhere else. 


Among the features of the MiNiSTUDIO series, the user interface is the biggest difference from audio interfaces design for music creation. We started from scratch and designed these units especially for personal broadcasting, carefully choosing the controls so that even people who are not familiar with audio equipment can use them without trouble.

Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Series

Built-in omnidirectional mic that can capture sound in every direction (MiNiSTUDIO Personal only)

The MiNiSTUDIO Personal has a high-fidelity omnidirectional condenser mic built-in. With it, you can start personal broadcasting without needing to prepare an external mic. Furthermore, since the omnidirectional mic can capture sound from every direction, it can be used not only for solo broadcasting but also for broadcasting with multiple guests.

Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Series

Compatible with both headset mic and 4-pole earphones with mic

In addition to supporting professional external mic, a MiNiSTUDIO is also compatible with computer headset mics and 4-pole earphones with mic designed for smartphones. You can use equipment that you already have for personal broadcasting with these units. When using a 4-pole earphones with mic, connect it to the dedicated earphones mini-jack.

Input sounds can be heard at all times

The input monitoring method allows you to listen to the audio using headphones before it is sent to the computer. The input sound is always sent to the headphones output, so no special setting is needed for this.

ON AIR button to start sending

Press the ON AIR button to start sending the sound that you are hearing in the headphones to the computer. The button will light when sound is being sent.

Loopback function enables streaming of the computer output sound

Using the loopback function that mixes in the playback sound from the computer (WDM) and sends it back to the computer, you can play program background music using music playback software (iTunes or Windows Media Player) that is already installed on the computer. Since this loopback function is always on, no special setting is necessary. Moreover, the stereo AUX input mini-jack enables the connection of an iPod or other portable music player to use for playback. You can also connect a synthesizer or other stereo instrument to the AUX input jack using a conversion cable (sold separately).

Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Series



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