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‚ÄĘ 1 pitch wheel
‚ÄĘ 1 modulation wheel
‚ÄĘ 9 front panel sliders
‚ÄĘ 9 KB3 control switches/control/zone mute switches
‚ÄĘ 1 variation switch
‚ÄĘ 2 transpose switches
‚ÄĘ 2 switch pedal inputs, each supporting single or dual, switch or half-damper* pedals (1 switch/sustain pedal is included)
‚ÄĘ 1 continuous control pedal input

(*for MIDI controller functionality only)

Artis Overview

Featuring our stunning NEW German Grand, Artis' astonishing sound quality, dependability and ease-of-use help you take your performance to the next level!


Brand NEW German 9' Grand Piano

Artis piano A game-changer. 32 killer programs. Amazing tone, realism, and expression FAR beyond what you thought possible in a stage piano. Perfectly matched with a weighted Fatar TP-100 action.

KB3 ToneReal™ Organs

Artis KB3 Modeled after classic Hammond, Vox and Farfisa organs. Featuring all the controls you want and more, including 9 realistic drawbars.

256 Factory Programs

Artis programs From classic to cutting-edge. The best sounds from our PC3K and KORE 64 collections plus our NEW piano, Vintage Electric Pianos, Clavinets, Synthesizers, rich and realistic String Sections and Orchestras, Guitars, Percussion and much more.

256 Factory Multis

Artis Multis Layered, sublime, fearless and funky - our Multis will have your inspiration up and running in no time! Up to 4 zones, split/layer, extensive MIDI control, individual zone volume and mute control.

Powerful FX Engine

Artis FX Award-winning Reverbs, Delays, Choruses, Flangers, Phasers, Distortions, Rotary Amplifiers, Compressors and more.


Front Panel 3-Band Master EQ

Artis EQ Room too boomy? No problem. Dial it in with Bass, Treble and sweepable Midrange.

22 Programmable Physical Controllers

Artis Sliders 9 Sliders, 6 Switches, 2 Wheels, 2 Switch Pedal Inputs, 1 Continuous Control Pedal Input. (1 sustain/switch pedal is included).

Easy Access Transpose Buttons

Artis Xpose Dedicated -/+ controls conveniently located above the Pitch/Modulation wheels.


Sound Selection

Artis Cat Easy Category and Program/Multi selection. Save your own preset for each Category.

Favorites Section

Artis Faves Access your 10 Favorite sounds with ONE button press! Conveniently located right below Artis' display.

Software Editors

Artis Editor Get deeper into editing your Artis Programs and Multis. (free do

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