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NETKIT-Ethernet to RS232 convertor

NETKIT-RS makes it possible to design and integrate a low-cost custom control system for Apart products and other devices with serial control possibilities. It allows easy integration with pc, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android devices via freely available software applications. Now you can seamlessly connect a laptop and control any serial device. You can use third party software to operate the Netkits via home control units, tablets or smartphones.

This product allows a custom user interface to be designed and uploaded to an iPad or similar device. Many Apart prodcuts can be controlled via NETKIT-RS via serial control interface, including SDQ5PIR, PM1122 (with PM1122INT), CONCEPT1, CHAMP-3D, ZONE4, AUDIOCONTROL12.8, PR4000R, PR1000R, PCR3000RMKII and PC1000RMKII. Apart have developed the Command Fusion guiDesigner library files for all controllable Apart products. These files are available on request.



ethernet connection 10/100 Mbit/s integrated web server yes
DHCP compatible yes ethernet connector RJ45
included power supply 5-16Vdc 300mA output connector male D89 serial
serial speed 1200 -115000 Bd bi directional yes, with RTS/CTS flow control
IR receiver for IR learning no free software Netkit Help
width 82.5 mm height 31.8 mm
depth 57.2 mm weigth (ex power supply) 92 gr
Net weight product (kg) 0.20    

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29.880,00 rsd.
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29.880,00 rsd.
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