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BEYERDYNAMIC TG 100 H-Set 194-204 MHz

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Entry level wireless microphone, VHF, 8 selectable channels per band.


Wireless system for beginners
  • Professional diversity receiver
  • 10 h Battery Operation
  • Pilot Tone Function
  • Integrated Sound Switch
  • Frequency ranges: Band 1: 174-184 MHz, Band 2: 194-204 MHz, Band 3: 213-223 MHz
  • TG 100R Diversity Receiver
  • TG 100H Handheld Transmitter
  • Power supply & Batteries

Entry level wireless microphone, VHF, 8 selectable channels per band


A new Benchmark is set

The TG 100 is the first entry-level wireless system that includes a pilot tone functionwhich provides a lot of advantages. Speech clarity combined with user-friendly handling and improved protection against interference makes the TG 100 a handy all-round wireless system. Developed for smaller sound installations as well as for ambitious hobby musicians the TG 100 wireless system is equally adept to both speech and singing.

Music sessions

Live show or band practice, the handheld transmitter containing a professional dynamic microphone capsule meets all needs. The handheld set is the perfect stage tool for ambitious hobby musicians and offers the necessary flexibility for any kind of performance.


  • Pilot Tone Function  

The pilot tone prevents noise and assures user-friendly handling. The TG100 wireless system uses the pilot tone to identify a correct signal for improved interference-free transmission and to transmit a low battery warning as well as the audio mute information to the receiver.

  • Sound Switch

The integrated sound switch equally improves the clarity of speech and vocals without the need for a mixing console.

  • Professional Diversity Receiver

The professional diversity receiver ensures best signal reception even in a complex environment.

  • 24 Channels

A rotating dial allows the user to choose between 8 different channels. 3 available band variants enable the use of up to 24 channels simultaneously.

  • 10 h Battery Operation

With a battery operation of 10 hours there is no need for concern regarding extensive encores or long-lasting events.


The handheld set includes:

  • TG 100 receiver
  • TG 100 handheld
  • Power supply
  • Batteries


Technical data

Price category   Entry level
Microphone frequency response   100-16000 Hz
Dimensions   30x23x7.5 cm
Net weight without packaging   624 g





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