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Digital Control Cable

CORDIAL can offer you the CDMX 2, a high-grade data cable with 2 conductors for a safe (110 ‚Ą¶ DMX or AES/EBU) signal transmission. To prevent electrical interferences, the two conductors are protected by one aluminum foil shield each and a Cu spiral wound screen. Despite of this sophisticated interior design/structure this cable is highly flexible and bendable. All these factors make the CDMX2 a suitable cable for mobile lighting truss installations as well as for fixed installations. This digital control cable allows a 5-pin configuration.

Conductor area 0.22 mm²
Composition of conductor 7 x 0.20
Material tinned copper
Conductor resistance 95 Ohm/km
Shielding tinned copper braided screen
Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m) 42 pF/m
Technical facts
Type DMX / Digital control cable
Part no. CDMX 2

Mechanical data

Conductor area 0,22 mm² (AWG 24)
Composition of conductor 7 x 0,20 mm tinned copper
Conductor isolation PE
Composition of cores 2 twisted pairs
Overall Screen tinned copper braided screen
Screen / Pair screen foil (PT/AL) + drain wire
Overall jacket PVC
Overall diameter 6,4 ± 0,2 mm
Weight 52 g/m
Working temperature  
mobile (-5 °C) - (+70 °C)
fixed (-20 °C) - (+70 °C)
min.Bending radius  
mobile ~ 66 mm
fixed ~ 33 mm
Electrical data  
Conductor resistance 95 ‚Ą¶ / km
Capacity (cond./cond.) 42 pF / m
Capacity (cond./screen) 110 pF / m
Cross-talk attenuation  
1 MHz 80 dB (100m)
4 MHz 76 dB (100m)
10 MHz 68 dB (100m)
1 MHz 3,2 dB (100m)
4 MHz 9,3 dB (100m)
10 MHz 14,0 dB (100m)
Characteristic impedance  
1 MHz 111 ‚Ą¶
4 MHz 108 ‚Ą¶
10 MHz 105 ‚Ą¶
Test voltage 500 V eff.




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