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DENON DP 300F Premium Silver

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The DP-300F has been designed with heavier base construction for reduced vibration and improved performance. The all new tonearm has a removable headshell making cartridge replacement simple. The standard mount headshell allows for any standard mount cartridge between 5 ~ 10 grams to be mounted and balanced.




Denon's DP-300F is a full featured listening turntable with convenient automatic operation, built-in preamp and upgradable cartridge. With the automatic play function, push play and the tonearm automically moves and will play the entire side of a record and then gently return to the arm rest when finished. If you want to stop a record early, there's also a stop button which also brings the tonearm back to resting. Anyone who has ever left about a record playing and returned to the turntable with the needle scraping over label will certainly benefit from this feature. The switchable (on-off) built-in preamp allows the turntable to be plugged into any amplifier, not just amps with specific phono input, making the DP-300F a very versatile turntable that can work with almost any home listening system. 
The DP-300F also features a removable cartridge (something that similar-priced audiophile turntables lack) allowing you to upgrade to the cartridge of your choice, however the included MM Cartridge sounds great right out of the box. Other features include switchable 33/45 RPM play at the push of a button (another convenient feature audiophile turntables often lack), die-cast aluminum, vibration-reducing base, and refined gloss finish. Due to the nature of belt drive turntables, the DP-300F is recommended for listening to vinyl, not DJing.



Sophisticated appearance design

A cabinet made of thick-walled material with a wall thickness of 4 mm analyzed for strength and density is finished with a beautiful glossy coating

Full-fledged full auto player

If you select a record size of 30 cm, 17 cm, the arm moves automatically by easy operation, the record is played back, and the arm returns after the play is complete It is a full auto system.

Straight Tone Arm

It adopts a straight tone arm and draws out the performance of a cartridge with excellent trace capability.

Aluminum die-casting turntable

Adopted aluminum die casting turntable. It achieves stable rotation with high inertial mass.

Built-in PHONO equalizer

Because it has a built-in PHONO equalizer, it is also possible to connect directly to mini-component and mini-component amplifier without PHONO terminal.

Manual arm lifter equipment

Equipped with an arm lifter that is easy to operate manually.


High quality MM cartridge included


【Motor part


    • Drive system / belt drive
    • Rotation speed / 33 · 1/3, 45 rpm
    • Wow · Flutter / 0.1% (WRMS)
    • Turntable / aluminum die casting
    • Load characteristic / stylus pressure at 80 g 0%


[Arm part]


    • Method / Static Balance Straight Type
    • Effective length / 221.5 mm
    • Overhang / 19 mm
    • Tracking error / within 3 °
    • Stylus pressure adjustment range / 0 to 4.0 g (one graduation 0.1 g)
    • Compliant cartridge weight / 4.5 to 9.5 g (excluding head shell)


【Cartridge part


    • Format / MM type
    • Appropriate stylus pressure / 2.0 g
    • Cartridge weight / 5 g
    • Exchange needle / DSN - 85 
    • Attached head shell mass / 10 g 




  • Power supply / AC 100 V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption / 2 W
  • Dimensions / W 434 x H 122 x D 381 mm (including foot)
  • Mass / 5.5 kg



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